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After scaling Mount Elbrus, Russia’s highest peak on December 7, and apparently becoming the first Indian to do so during the winter, Anvitha Reddy has now set herself higher goals, literally.

An MBA graduate, Anvitha, who is now taking courses in financial discipline, said she was delighted to pull off the feat in what she saw as one of the most demanding conditions of her five years of experience in financial management. mountaineering.

“It was a windy and life-threatening journey to the top of the summit. In fact, my team had to postpone the trip to the summit because of the windy conditions which reached 65 km / h, ”she recalls.

“The happiest moment of my entire trip was when I displayed our 10-meter national flag at Mount Elbrus base camp,” she said, adding: “You can imagine the risk involved, considering the fact that some of the 20-member US contingent along the same route were washed away last month. “

Inspired by her 5,642-meter ascent of Mount Elbrus, she now looks to the future to climb some of the world’s most difficult peaks. “Mount Everest will be my next target, thanks to the instant financial support given by the Gudur Narayana Reddy Foundation when I contacted them for help,” said Anivtha, from Bhuvanagiri. Her father is a farmer and her mother a teacher.

For his part, Mr Narayana Reddy said that they stand behind Anvitha for the different and difficult path she has chosen in the world of adventure. “We salute his spirit, courage and conviction and assure the foundation’s continued support for its future efforts,” he said.

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