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WASHINGTON, November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers announced today that its longtime President and CEO Joseph M. McGuire will retire pending a national search for his replacement. McGuire will remain as head of AHAM until at least May 2022.


Patricia basset, Vice-President, Research and Development, Appliances and Kitchen Items, Newell brands, and the current president of AHAM will lead the search committee tasked with finding the next CEO of AHAM. “Joe has strived to create a responsible regulatory environment in which our products continue to improve lives in homes while protecting the planet,” said Bassett.

McGuire was named president of AHAM in december 1998. He guided the association in the relocation of its head office from Chicago To Washington DC shortly thereafter, establishing a strong industrial presence in the nation’s capital. He then oversaw the opening of the AHAM Canada office in Ottawa, ON in July 2012, planting the industry flag in the Canadian capital. In 2004, under McGuire, AHAM successfully merged the Association of Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in its operations.

John taylor, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, LG Electronics United States Inc. and Past President of AHAM, said, “Joe has created a legacy of achievement in many dimensions, but most importantly by developing a staff known and respected for their member service and positive attitude. As our industry has grown and AHAM’s revenues have grown, the team has doubled with talented professionals working in a high performance collaborative culture. “

During McGuire’s tenure, AHAM established an influential and pragmatic voice for home appliance manufacturers in the nation’s capital and engaged in numerous legislative and regulatory agreements with external, environmental, consumer, stakeholder groups. and consumers. AHAM’s advocacy led Congress to pass the Barton-Domenici Energy Policy Act of 2005, which established the first-ever tax credit for manufacturers for the production of super-efficient devices. McGuire in 2009 called on Congress to pass a financial bailout, leading to the creation of the 2009 State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program, a $ 300 million appliance rebate program to help stimulate the economy.

AHAM has also built bridges at the international level, joining with its European counterpart in founding the International Round Table of Associations of Home Appliance Manufacturers, with member associations of Austria, Canada, China, Europe, Russia, Korea, South Africa and the USA

McGuire is known as a leader within the associative community, serving as President of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) from 2012 to 2013 and being recognized by CEO Update as CEO of Best Association in 2011 He is director of the American National Standards Institute and has served on the board of directors of the National Association of Manufacturers and chaired its Council of Manufacturing Associations.

The Home Appliance Manufacturers Association (AHAM) is the trade association representing major home appliance, portable and floor care manufacturers and suppliers to the industry. AHAM is headquartered in Washington DC and has an office at Ottawa. AHAM is the single voice that provides the home appliance industry and its customers with leadership, advocacy and a forum for action – developing and implementing credible solutions for public policies, standards and standards. business decisions. You can visit the AHAM website at or follow us on Twitter @AHAM_Voice and @AHAM_Policy.



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