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Posted: Posted Date – 6:22 PM, Mon – Aug 1, 22

Hyderabad: The Flag Code of India is a set of laws and conventions on the use, display and hoisting of the Indian national flag. It came into force on January 26, 2002. The Indian government has recently amended some of its provisions.

Here are details about the flag code and recent changes:

What is the flag code for India?

The Flag Code of India brings together all the laws, conventions, practices and instructions for the display of the national flag. It governs the display of the national flag by private, public and governmental institutions.

What material can be used to produce the national flag?

The Flag Code of India, 2002 was amended by Ordinance of December 30, 2021, and Polyester National Flag or Machine Made Flag was permitted. From now on, the national flag must be made by hand and woven by hand or by machine, in cotton/polyester/wool1/silk/khadi.

Size and shape of the national flag

The national flag can be rectangular. It can be any size, but the ratio of the length to the height (width) of the national flag should be 3:2.

Can I display the national flag at home?

A member of the public, private organization or educational institution may hoist/display the national flag on any day or occasion depending on the dignity and honor of the national flag.

When is the time to fly the national flag outdoors/at home?

The Center has amended India’s flag code, allowing the national flag to be flown day or night if displayed in the open air or on a member of the public’s house. Previously, the tricolor could only be hoisted between sunrise and sunset.

What should I keep in mind when displaying the national flag at home?

Whenever the national flag is displayed, it must occupy the position of honor and must be placed distinctly. A damaged or disheveled national flag must not be displayed. No other flag or streamer shall be placed higher or above or side by side with the

Further, the national flag is not to be used as part of any costume or uniform, or accessory of any description worn below the waistline of any person, nor embroidered or printed on cushions, handkerchiefs, towels, underpants -clothes or any dress. Material.

Can I display the national flag on my car?

The privilege to hoist the national flag on the cars is only limited to the following:

• President

• Vice President

• Governors and Lieutenant Governors

• Heads of Indian Missions/Posts

• Prime Minister

• Cabinet Ministers, Minister of State and Union Deputy Ministers

• Chief Minister and Cabinet Minister of a State or Union Territory

• Chairman of Lok Sabha, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Deputy Chairman

of Lok Sabha, President of the Legislative Councils of the States, Presidents of the

State and Union Territory Legislative Assemblies, Vice President of the

Legislative Council in the States, Deputy Speakers of Legislative Assemblies in

States and Union Territories

• Chief Justice of India

• Justices of the Supreme Court

• Chief Justice of the High Courts

• High Court Judges

How should the national flag be eliminated?

If the national flag is damaged, it must be destroyed as a whole in private, preferably by incineration or any other method that takes into account the dignity of the national flag. The national flag, if made of paper, is waved by the general public, such flags should not be thrown to the ground. These should be thrown in private, keeping in mind the dignity of the national flag.

Insulting the national flag will result in a three-year prison term.