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HOUSTON – History will be written at Aveva Stadium in Houston.

The American Flag Football League claims to offer the biggest prize in the history of women’s professional football – $ 200,000.

How does it feel to be part of history?

“It’s kind of crazy, because it’s something that you know, as a player that you can’t even dream of,” said Michelle Roque, the best player in the sport. “As players we probably spend most of our income playing flag football.”

There are approximately 7 million flag football players in the United States.

In ten years, with more opportunities to play, the number of girls and women playing could reach 2 million, estimates Jeff Lewis, founder and CEO of AFFL. He thinks a few hundred thousand people are participating now. “I think we’re really on the verge of freeing a whole generation of girls from having to play less aggressive sports,” Lewis said.

Nike and the NFL have also invested heavily in high school programs for girls.

The Houston event is also about a tie. Women and men will leave with the same amount. The men’s division finals will take place on Sunday while the women’s division championship match is on Saturday at the AVEVA stadium.

Roque, who also works for the league, can’t wait to see what happens next. But first, she has a historic match to win.

“I have high expectations,” she said. “And I’ve already figured out how much money I’m going to make once we share it with my team.”

Women pay on Saturday.

You can read more about the American Flag Football League on their website.