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A retreat flag drop box was set up in St. Clair County on Monday, allowing residents to properly dispose of old and worn US flags.

The retirement box was installed at the St. Clair County Department of Veterans Affairs in the County Administration Building, 200 Grand River Ave., Suite 104, Port Huron, in partnership with the National Flag Foundation, the National Association of Counties and the Michigan Association. counties.

“This centrally located drop-off point is convenient while respecting our national symbol,” said Chris Smith, director of the National Association of Counties. “The county is united to help our citizens respect our great nation while getting rid of old or worn flags. “

The box was provided to the county free of charge. Flags must be folded with respect before being placed in the box.

The National Flag Foundation has flag folding instructions in its brochure at /’s%20Flag_1.pdf.

Nancy Deising, director of the St. Clair County Veterans Affairs Department and outreach coordinator, said it was fair and just to have the American flag with a standard of honor as defined by the National Flag Foundation, who calls the flag a “living symbol” that reminds its citizens of America’s greatness.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will monitor and bring the flags to American Legion Post 8 in Port Huron, which will properly dispose of the flags at an annual ceremony, the county said.

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