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I blogged about Wondergirl Carly after discovering her two years ago from Pres and Big Cat shortly before the world shut down and didn’t think of here as there was a lot of other things to think about afterwards on February 5, 2020. For the uninitiated, here’s the video that made Wondergirl Carly an internet sensation over 15 years ago.

This morning I hopped on Instagram, which I rarely do, and clicked on the Messages tab because my buddy Large tagged me in a photo, then I mistakenly clicked on the Requests button because I never check my DMs on Instagram because I never go there. However, thank goodness I did it because Wondergirl Carly’s dad sent me a DM telling me he uploaded a new video.

Note from the blogger: If you ever want to get my attention just let me know Twitter, do not instagram since I was an old man who barely lasts GI

It might not be the OG video, but we still get some electric moments of Carly ripping out kids’ ankles/souls, a quick kick for any college teams that might have been looking to sign a kicker, and the debut of Carly Dimes (who appears to be stuck in the same passing, unimaginative offense as Danny Dimes for the past two years).

Speaking of dimes, we even get a glimpse of what I assume is The Wondermom.

As they say, queens make queens. In fact, I don’t know if they say that or even who they are. But getting a new Wondergirl Carly video from the internet clouds is a pretty solid way to start a Tuesday. I might have to start growing my Instagram account, so I have more reason to go there than to look at the millions of hoodies that have been advertised to me that I end up wanting to buy every time.

I’m going to wrap up this blog with some more Carly greatest hits for people who were expecting more than a one minute video in a blog that led to BREAKING in all CAPS. Not quite a Click Burglar Clem but more of a steal. Happy Tuesday everyone!