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The Chinese national flag was flown from the Chang’e-5 probe on the moon. Photo by CNSA / Handout via Xinhua.

It is “entirely possible” for China to conduct a crewed moon landing before 2030, a Chinese scientist with deep space exploration said, according to Xinhua News Agency reports.

“I personally believe that as long as the technological research for the manned moon landing continues, and as long as the country is determined (to achieve the goal), it is entirely possible for China to land people on the moon. before 2030 “, – Ye Peijian said in a recent interview with the public broadcaster CCTV.

Chief designer of China’s first Chang’e-1 lunar probe and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ye noted that space exploration is not only a matter of science, but also something related to it. future of a nation.

“Countries that can be at the forefront of space technology have advanced technologies in various fields. In turn, space technology is something that can spill over into technologies in other ways ”, – You added.

Last year, China’s Chang’e-5 mission recovered moon samples weighing around 1,731 grams, which were the world’s first lunar samples for more than 40 years.

After analyzing the lunar samples, Chinese researchers announced in October that they dated the youngest moon rock to be around 2 billion years old, extending the “life” of lunar volcanism by 800 to 900 million years longer. than previously thought.

Ye said the discovery of the moon’s story was the latest example of China’s efforts to improve its status in the international community.

After the Moon and Mars, China’s next target in deep space exploration could be an asteroid mission, Ye said, adding that his team had previously worked on asteroid research.

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