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In May 2021, I published a photo gallery titled “Downtown Danbury Glows At Night”. It was silly but the Hat City photos were really cool.

One of the areas of the city that I focused on was the American Flag on West Street, which is or was very visible from the surrounding blocks. Here is one of the photos I took for the article.

It’s a big flag right there. I took the picture after walking past the library and my back is to Main Street. This was one of the many photos I took of the flag and from all vantage points it towers over the top of the building and the trees.

Since I live a few blocks from this flag, I drive and walk next to it daily and recently noticed something the flag itself seems to have grown bigger and the flagpole looks smaller. Below is a photo I took yesterday (07/20/21).

The mast still reaches the treetops, but not as much as in May, does it? Is this a completely different setup, or am I losing it? If anything happened, it wasn’t yesterday, or the day before, or last week. I have spoken about it many times to my wife and kids who just ignore me because they don’t care.

Do you think the flag is bigger? Is the pole shorter? Is the flag taller and the pole shorter? Is it the same?

I feel like I’m losing my mind here but, maybe not either, it’s possible that I’m on something, and if so, why the cover-up? What do Danbury officials have to hide and why?


I-95 listeners show us their stars and stripes

On Monday, I wrote an article that pained me. I had to share the news that the CT State ranked very low in a new study on patriotism. The study took a number of factors into account and ranked the State Constitution # 48 nationally. While I know patriotism is more than a flag, I needed to rally listeners to Ethan and Lou Show to do just that. We needed an immediate and symbolic response to this national criticism. I asked listeners to the radio show to use the I-95 Rock mobile app and text us pictures of their flag wherever it is. They have all been very successful and these are some of our favorites.

Danbury city center glows at night

If you wait for the sun to go down and step out into the streets, you’ll notice Danbury, CT has a glow at night.

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At a glance, these photos and diagrams may not tell you much. But, as Mike Allen’s research points out, they are essential parts of the history and functioning of Candlewood Lake.

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