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There are 16 regions in Ghana namely Greater Accra, Central, Western, Northern, Ashanti, Eastern, Volta, Ahafo, Bono, Bono East, Upper East, Upper West, Savannah, North East, Oti and Western North.

Each region has its own language, culture and food that sets them apart from each other.

Today GhanaWeb takes a look at the Ashanti region and what makes Asanteman unique.

The Asante people (Asante region/Asante kingdom) are the only people in Ghana to have an official national flag, a symbol of authority which they call the Asanteman flag.

The flag of the Ashanti region was adopted by Emperor Asantehene Prempeh II of the Ashanti Kingdom in 1935.

It is based on the throne of the Ashanti Absolute Monarchy, the Golden Stool, which has been the symbol of Ashanti unity and soul since 1701, the early 18th century AD, when the Ashanti was founded. Ashanti Empire.

Yellow, black and green are the colors that signify the Ashanti flag.


All elements of the flag have a meaning, and they have been explained below:

1. The yellow part of the flag represents the wealth/wealth of Asanteman.

2. The black part of the flag represents the symbolic image of the Blackman concerning the Asante nation and the courage of the Asante nation in the face of the challenges of war.

3. The color green represents the refreshing and greener ground cover in the forest areas of Asanteman.

4. The symbol in the Black in the center of the flag is called “Gyemirekutu KYƐ” (Hat) which is composed of animal parts covered with golden paints: Elephant tail, Ɔwam ti (Hollbill head), The skin covering the Elephant’s Kneecap, the Hornbill’s Feathers, Adwera (PortulacaOleracea Leafs).

Additionally, the flag is beautifully positioned on the bonnet emblem on the bonnet of the Asantehene’s 80 year old Rolls Royce.

The same colors are also seen on the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II commemorative gold. Otumfuo Osei Tutu II on Sunday, December 12, 2021, launched the 24-karat gold commemorative coins as part of the celebration of 22 years of his contribution to peace, stability and development in Ghana.

The coins are 99.99% fine 24 karat gold, with a diameter of 37 mm and a weight of 31.104 grams each. It is described by the organizers as the “valuable collector’s item”.

“The face of the gold coins bears the image of the Asantehene, with the Adinkra symbols ‘Bi Nka Bi’ and ‘Mpatapo’, which symbolize peace, harmony and reconciliation.

“The reverse bears an image of the Golden Stool (Sika Dwa),” said a statement from the organizers.

Another example is the photo of Ashanti Airline which has yet to be launched and went viral months ago.

Among other things, the Ashantis hold their flag in high esteem.

On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, the flag was unfurled in the streets of Bantama as young people took to the streets to protest what they described as this government’s complete neglect of development projects in the area. region.