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The commemoration of the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and the National Flag was held in Bijeljina, and member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik, took the opportunity to glorify Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, but also to call Republika Srpska a state again, alluding to secession.

On King Peter the First Karađorđević Square in Bijeljina, the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and the National Flag, which was established as such last year, was celebrated today.

The ceremony was also attended by the President of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović, members of the government of the entity, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and the Prime Minister of this country Ana Brnabić.

During his address to those present, Dodik again, controversially, greeted Vučić with the words that he is welcome among his own, but also among his own. The member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not stop there, saying that Republika Srpska is a state.

“Mr. Vučić, I want to say to you and your delegation: ‘Welcome home, but also home’ marked the dates that are important for our national being. We are united by history, the present, but the future will also bring us together. We must remain firm and persevering. With the policies we pursue in the RS and in Serbia, we mark this day, convinced that we will also do so in the future. says Dodik.

The unity of Serbia and Republika Srpska, as he said, is reflected at every step.

“Mr. Vučić, you are the one who is ready to initiate every new step, even the smallest one. Thank you for your support. We in Republika Srpska want to connect Banja Luka with Bijeljina as soon as possible and beyond, via Rača with “Serbia. Let’s stop thinking how to go where we don’t want to go. We want to go through our country and say that it is one country. Today, the Serbs have two states: Republika Srpska and Serbia. But today oday, Serbs should know that we will always strive to fight for unity, said Dodik.
He added that Serbia and Republika Srpska are becoming more one and more and more oriented towards each other.

“Long live the Republika Srpska. Long live Serbia and the Serbian people wherever they are. Next time we will live for something else,” Dodik said, obviously alluding to secession at the end, which the assembled citizens also began to comment on.

On the other hand, Vučić told those present that this day is not only the day when three words and symbols are commemorated, but the very essence of the existence of this nation.

“Those who want to be different must be free, and those who want to be free must be united and unique.

Everything else leads us in the opposite direction, the loss of territory, people and everything we have built. Everything else involves our new defeats and thousands of lives that will be thrown away again, before we realize we can only change thrones together. Peace and freedom are only preserved under one flag, and my call today is that we come together, that we unite so that we can live freely and in peace and provide a future for our children,” said Vucic.

The President of Serbia is staying in the Bijeljina region today, and earlier in the day he witnessed the official start of the construction works of the Rača – Bijeljina highway, reports.