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The Philadelphia Eagles are 6-7 after beating the New York Jets on Sunday. Final score: 33 to 18.

Minshew Mania was in effect early on with the Eagles backup quarterback lighting up a poor Jets secondary. The Birds needed him to be precise in their defense, inexcusably battling a suspicious Jets offense from the start.

Jonathan Gannon’s unit finally settled and the Eagles were able to use their running game to protect their lead. All in all, the Eagles did exactly what they expected to comfortably beat one of the worst teams in the league.

The bad news for the Eagles is that they left this game with two key injuries: Miles Sanders and Jason Kelce both left the game in the fourth quarter. The good news is that players will have the option of resting during the week off.

Speaking of injured players, it will be really interesting to see what the Eagles do at quarterback after this performance. One would assume that Jalen Hurts will return to his starting position… but Minshew has done his best to give the team some food for thought. He finished the game with the following stat line: 20/25 (80% completion), 242 yards (9.7 averaged), 2 TD, 0 INT and a passer rating of 133.7.

Read on for a recap and stay tuned for post-game coverage from BGN.


  • The Eagles won the toss and chose to postpone. The Eagles immediately gave up a 79-yard punt return to Braxton Berrios. Not a good start! Five plays later, Zach Wilson hit Elijah Moore for a 3-yard touchdown. The Jets kicker missed the extra point. EAGLES 0, JETS 6.
  • Gardner Minshew’s first snap appeared to be a communication issue with him which was tackled without gain. It didn’t bode well, however, with Minshew leading a 75-yard touchdown in six games. The Birds made a clear effort to hand the ball over to Dallas Goedert, who was severely underused in Philly’s loss to the Giants last week. Minshew floated a ball upward while falling to find Goedert on the field for 36 yards. EAGLES 7, JETS 6.
  • The Jets had 68 yards in 11 games to score their second touchdown of the game. Bad enough stuff from the Eagles defense to allow the league’s worst starting quarterback to move the ball so easily against them. Wilson closed the trip with a sneak. The Jets missed another extra point attempt. EAGLES 7, JETS 12.
  • The Eagles’ second practice started with another screen pass to Goedert, who easily landed a first try. Minshew gave a nice pass to Quez Watkins on a cross in the middle of the 3rd and 6th for a conversion to NYJ territory.


  • Third and fourth off the Jets’ 25-yard line, Minshew floated a pass to Goedert for another touchdown. A little upset but it didn’t matter with Goedert so open. The passing game looks pretty cool at first! EAGLES 14, JETS 12.
  • The Jets once again passed through the Eagles’ defense with ease, scoring 75 yards in nine games. Wilson hit a wide-open Ryan Griffin on the 4th and the goal for New York’s third touchdown. The Jets failed in their two-point conversion attempt. Pretty pathetic stuff from Jonathan Gannon and his players. EAGLES 14, JETS 18.
  • Jalen Reagor let the kick off go over his head, thinking it would be a touchback. Instead, he bounced off the 1-yard line and had to go get the ball and was tackled at the 6-yard line. Reagor PUE. Prevent him from touching the ball and already call Jason Huntley. Minshew had a first down conversion against DeVonta Smith, who cocked a linebacker (!) To pass the marker. Kenneth Gainwell passed a pass several times in the open field, but managed to catch it for a first down. A little later, Gainwell made an 18-yard carry-over and the Eagles’ third touchdown of the day. Gainwell takes advantage of the fact that Boston Scott is not playing. EAGLES 21, JETS 18.
  • The Eagles defense FINALLY got a messy save with Josh Sweat sending Wilson back on 3rd and 3rd to force a punt. The disaster almost hit Reagor with him choking the comeback, but it worked in his favor, scooping him up and running 20 yards. Fortunately, error.
  • Minshew FINALLY threw a check with 1:25 left in the second quarter. He threw the ball into the dirt and the Jets put in a screen throw. The Eagles hit the Jets’ 34 yards, but a holding penalty on Landon Dickerson put them back. Odd call from Nick Sirianni to throw the ball to the 2nd and 20th with a good passing attack. On the 3rd and 19th, Minshew found a Quez Watkins wide open for a first try. Helped that guy from Watkins just fall down trying to cover him up. Injured that Minshew knocked him down, limiting his YAC opportunity. Gainwell tripped over an awkward glass slide during a screen reception to place the Eagles 3rd and 12th on the Jets’ 15-yard line. Minshew checked with Gainwell for a 2-yard pickup to bring Jake Elliott with 22 seconds left in the first half. Elliott hit the 31-yard field goal attempt. EAGLES 24, JETS 18.


  • The Eagles replaced Reagor with Boston Scott as the punt returner to start the second half. Delighted to finally see n ° 18 being held responsible. The Eagles had five straight Miles Sanders runs to place 3rd and 1st on the Philly 38-yard line. A sixth consecutive run went for another first try. Then Minshew threw at Reagor without gain. Please stop letting him touch the ball. On the 3rd and 10th of the 44-yard line from Philly, Minshew did a good job rolling to the left while still being able to throw a precise pass to Watkins for a first down. Much like Jalen Hurts’ throw at Dallas Goedert in 3rd and 12th in the Broncos game. Minshew fired a deep shot towards DeVonta in the end zone, but the ball was slightly underrated and broken. Minshew targeted Goedert on the third down and the Jets were called up for pass interference. Looked like a generous flag, there was more contact on Smith’s throw which became incomplete. The penalty put the Eagles on 1st from the 7-yard line. They ran twice, then called a pass on the third down, but Minshew missed the ball out of bounds for a 9-yard loss. Elliott came on to make it a two-point game with a 32-yard field goal. Tedious driving with 8:22 taken off the clock. EAGLES 27, JETS 18.
  • The Eagles got their second stoppage of the game with TJ Edwards almost with a pick. Three-and-out for the Jets.
  • The Eagles came third and third in midfield and Minshew’s throw for Smith was cut short. The ball was knocked over slightly / didn’t have enough juice and that gave the Jets defenseman a good play. The Birds lined up for a shot on the fourth down and Quincy Williams was called for encroachment. Happy calling there because Jason Kelce definitely gave up and could have been called for the false start. Minshew threw short of sticks at Smith to get 4th and 1st from the 34-yard line. Sirianni called a time out and then asked Minshew to sneak him up… but he was deemed to be out of sticks. Wrong place. Sirianni challenged it and the decision was … overturned for the Eagles’ first try. It’s not every day you see a spot flipped like that but the Eagles took advantage this time.


  • Jordan Mailata lost a block on the 3rd and 2nd to allow a Jets defenseman to tackle Sanders for a loss. The Eagles were content with one more field goal attempt from Elliott, this one 43 yards. EAGLES 30, JETS 18.
  • The Jets entered Eagles territory. Wilson had at least Elijah Moore wide open in the range, but the rookie catcher dropped an off-target pitch. Then the rookie quarterback knocked down Jamison Crowder to be knocked out by Marcus Epps.
  • With Mailata shooting, Sanders broke a 34 yard yardage to put him over 100 yards for the fourth time in his career. Long season. Next, Sanders injured himself after catching a pass and going out of bounds to score a 46-yard Elliott field goal. EAGLES 33, JETS 18.
  • Tevin Coleman had a 17-yard run called back by an illegal blind block. The Jets came back straight away with a Wilson strike at Crowder for a first down. Then the Jets took another first down. Moore almost had a big catch against Darius Slay, but the veteran corner had one of his hands between the rookie’s mitts to force the incompletion. On the 3rd and 10th, Wilson Wayyy knocked down Moore. The Jets wanted DPI on Slay but didn’t get it. On the fourth down, Wilson threw the sticks into the ground. Game.
  • The Eagles fed Gainwell to run the clock. Nate Herbig, replacing Kelce, took a very bad shot for a 22-yard loss on the 3rd and 5th.
  • The Jets picked up a few yards of garbage time before time ran out.


  • Fletcher Cox was injured during the Jets’ second practice. Coaches were watching his right leg. It didn’t take him long to get back into the game.
  • Steve Nelson (shoulder) visited the medical tent after the Jets’ second run. He was initially deemed doubtful to return and later demoted to OUT.
  • Patrick Johnson (back) left the game in the second quarter. He didn’t come back.
  • Miles Sanders was injured in the fourth quarter. He was ruled out due to an ankle injury.
  • Milton Williams got caught in the fourth quarter.
  • Jason Kelce was injured at the end of the fourth quarter. He was shown limping slowly to the locker room.