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Golden Plains Shire STAFF have apologized following the misplacement of their flag formation which was visible at their regular September board meeting.

Under what is called the order of precedence, the Australian flag is normally positioned in the center with the Aboriginal flag on the left and the Torres Strait Islander flag on the right.

However, at the September meeting, the Australian flag was seen positioned on the left with the Aboriginal flag in the centre.

Under council policy under the Flags Act 1953, the Australian flag takes precedence when displayed in company with other flags, meaning front and center of the formation.

A spokesperson for the municipality said the placement of the flags was unintentional and steps have been taken to correct the error.

“As part of the Golden Plains Shire Council Flag Policy, the Australian National Flag, Australian Aboriginal Flag and Torres Strait Islander Flag are flown at all public council meetings,” a statement read.

“After the flags were displayed at the August council meeting in Smythesdale, the flags were returned to the Golden Plains Civic Center and accidentally placed in the wrong order.

“The order of the flags has been corrected, with the Australian flag positioned in the center of the pike, and will be visible at the next council meeting on Tuesday 25 October.

“The Golden Plains Shire Council sincerely apologizes for the error and any offense it may have caused.”