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To truly understand the passion (or craziness) of Eagles fans, you have to experience a hatchback outside of Lincoln Financial Field. When the Eagles are riding, there is no better place on the planet than to be in a parking lot where you are magnified for the greatest moment of the week.

It’s just a gigantic communal feast. Put aside the cliché national rhetoric that Eagles fans are evil demons. If you’re an Eagles fan who comes into a home game and does a bit of tailgating beforehand, you’re sure to have fun.

Lincoln Financial Field is located in beautiful South Philadelphia, just off 11th Street and Pattison Avenue. It is easily accessible via the Broad Street Line subway station at Broad Street and Pattison. You’ve got to actually GET THERE before you can start raging, you know?

There are options for where you can go tailgate. Some rules and regulations may be on hold after the pandemic, but there are a lot of points to be struck.

The Eagles specific car park is the K Lot just in front of the stadium. West of the Linc and closer to Broad you have the Wells Fargo Center parking lot, home of the Sixers and Flyers. East of the Linc is the legendary Jetro Lot. If you look on the south side of Pattison Avenue across from the Jetro Lot, you will see the parking lot at Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Phillies.

All places are great for the tailgate. Jetro has taken on a sort of mythical vibe as a ‘cool’ wild party location, and it is to a degree, but it’s not much different than what you’re going to find elsewhere. I say this as someone who has been hanging out in Jetro for years and wants to get a “JETRO FOREVER” tattoo on my thigh.

Just pulling over in a parking lot and enjoying the contagious electric power of all the fans around you, everyone connected with the sole purpose of seeing the Eagles clinch a victory is thrilling. There is more to it though: the act of chasing itself!

There are levels of tailgating. If it’s you and a friend or family member, you might just want to do something small and hang out on the outside of your car. Bring crisps, bring some ice cold beer to taste responsibly, and maybe take some hoagies to take with you. The carbohydrate load is important!

You can upgrade from there. Bring a truck or van and take out the grill! Throw in some classic burgers and dogs or even go up a notch and cook steaks. Bring folding tables and a generator so you can use a slow cooker and prepare the roast pork.

If you get to the grounds early, a breakfast spread might be involved. Believe me, TT people get there. The cars will be lined up even before the official opening of the lots with long-standing hatchbacks racing to get “their places”. Maybe you’ll be the FIRST person in line like this guy:

I hatchback with a guy named Brian. Phenomenal chef. When we got to Jetro at dawn he would cook us an average breakfast on the grill. What more could you want in life than eating a scrapple, egg and cheese sandwich in a cold parking lot while wearing full Eagles gear from head to toe? NOTHING!

Grilling is smart if you have a ton of people coming together and you have a good cook. You can easily pump food all day. Hoagie trays also work for a large team! Don’t forget the chips and the dip because you KNOW you will be snacking while you drink.

As for drinking … again, I think I have to say DRINK RESPONSIBLY here. If you need to, you are allowed to leave your car in the parking lot rather than going home afterwards. You have to be smart!

But if you are drink, that first sip of beer when you step onto the pitch is unmatched. I would never mash craft beers all day, but if that’s your style, go wild. A refreshing light beer goes a long way. At some point, you might see people walking around selling Jell-O shots. I can’t comment on what is actually in these shots because I have no idea, but I would be lying if I said I have never bought one before.

If you don’t want to worry about the hassle of driving and cooking, you can still have fun. Grab some cold food, maybe some snacks, and walk into any empty lot and find a free place to post. It’s like many moons ago, but in 2019 I would be sporting a Bleeding Green Nation flag and using my place as a base for BGN readers to stop and say hello if they don’t have theirs. own tailgate configurations. This will likely continue in 2021 with, hopefully, a return to normal!

Enjoy. Don’t be a fool. Go birds.