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This collage of images has been circulating since at least 2015. It is unrelated to the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine.

An image circulating on social media contains four photos showing a man removing the flag of Ukraine from a chimney and replacing it with the flag of the former Soviet Union. The image was shared against the backdrop of Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine. However, it has been circulating online since at least 2015.

Although the images are not digitally manipulated, they were not taken in April 2022 and are therefore not related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We have not been able to independently verify where the collage photos were taken. However, they look like screenshots from a YouTube video uploaded by an account with the name Ghost Brigade on March 3, 2015. The caption reads: “Now that’s the story, conclusions will be drawn” (translated from Russian).

Another video uploaded to YouTube on March 4, 2015, by a channel named VOXCOMM International, includes the same clip. The caption reads: “Raise the Soviet flag over Donbass”, and the description reads: “Brigade Prizrak, a communist militiaman raises the Soviet flag over liberated Debaltsevo.” According to an article published by BBC News on February 17, 2015, Debaltsevo is a province of the Donetsk People’s Republic, an area of ​​Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists, recognized by the Russian Federation but not by the international community.

The New York Times reports that between mid-January and February 2015, a military clash took place in Debaltsevo between pro-Russian separatist forces and the Ukrainian army, which resulted in the latter’s withdrawal.

The collage circulating contains photos from 2015 and has no relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. We mark this claim as false.

Source: Logically.