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Dr. Satya Dev Gupta
The word fascism comes from fascio, the Italian word for bundle, which in this case stands for bundles of people. Its origins date back to ancient Rome, when the beam was a bundle of wood with an ax head, carried by chiefs.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the word “fascism” was associated with Benito Mussolini of Italy who ruled that country from 1922 to 1943, or the similar autocratic system of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Francisco Franco in Spain. Fascism is a form of government in which most of the powers of the country are held by one man, a group of men or a single party with a well-defined ideology. This type of government is totalitarian and authoritarian, having complete control over all aspects of the lives of its subjects, whether personal, social, economic, cultural or political. The government uses violence to arrest, kill or cruelty to prevent anyone from going against its directives. For some people, fascism is a narrative of ultranationalism with characteristics of dictatorial powers of suppression of opposition with strong controls over the personality economy and sociopolitical aspirations of society.
Opposed to anarchism, democracy, liberalism and Marxism, fascism is placed on the extreme right in the traditional left-right spectrum. Left-liberals often use this bigotry and bias against the current NDA government and like-minded organizations, especially the RSS (Rashtriya Sawyam Sevak Sangh). The authoritarians can be from the USSR or from China (People’s Republic of China) does not matter to them. Fascists in a real sense believe that western republican democracy or liberal democracy is obsolete. The idea behind is the complete mobilization and transformation of the society under one-party rule and converting the state into a totalitarian nation for armed conflict and resolving economic anomalies and diversities, effectively forging national unity. They believe that to achieve national rejuvenation, the violence of national economic self-sufficiency is carried out whenever desired. Their goal is often genocide, massacres, massacres, forced expulsions and deportations.
Liberal Fascism:
JONAH GOLDBERG, syndicated columnist and editor of the online opinion and news publication “The Dispatch”, has written numerous books on theories of left-wing philosophy. One of the books titled “The Secret History of the American Left, from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning” is a book projecting the details of leftist ideology. Jonah Goldman has replaced the conveniently fabricated myth with his informed research and expresses that “fascist movements were and are left-wing, contrary to the so-called prevailing opinion among historians and political scientists, who champion the left and categorically maintain a false narrative which fascism is an extreme right ideology. Goldman reminds us that the original fascists were on the left (citing President Wilson, Roosevelt, Clinton and Biden, Democrats who had or have a left-leaning ideology inclination). First published in January 2008, adding new editions, it reached number one. According to “The New York Times” bestseller list of hardcover nonfiction.
Indian background
“FASCISM” was first used in India, none other than by the Nehru-Gandhi family during a table meeting quoted by Bertil Falco, a highly respected Swedish newspaper and television journalist. He marks in his book “Forgotten Gandhi” a reference to an incident where three members of the Gandhi family Pt Nehru, Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, the President of the INC (Indian National Congress) and Feroze Gandhi, the MP were discussing on a important constitutional and political question (July 21, 1959) for the imposition of the power of the president to dismiss for the first time democratically, the non-congress government elected in 1957 of the CPI (Communist Party of India) led by the EMS Namboodiripad in Kerala. It was also the first time that a left-wing government was democratically elected worldwide. The Kerala government has started implementing its program and has gone so far as to replace photos of Mahatma Gandhi with photos of Karl Marx. This angered Indira Gandhi, decided to teach Namboodiripad government a lesson and claimed to have sacked the CPI government, Nehru was undecided and Feroze Gandhi was against dismissal and in this speech he used “fascist” for Mrs Gandhi and finally within a few days the leftist government was banished.
Much has been written about Pt Nehru, some for and some against. Incidents can be dug where he presented himself as very influenced by Western culture, pro-Muslim and biased against Hindus and Indian culture. After Nehru served as Indira Gandhi from 1966 to 1977 as Prime Minister of India, during her rule, it was 39 times that the power of the President was imposed after sidelining democratically elected state governments; in 1975 it crushed all civil liberties with “emergency” imposition. Many of the chief ministers of Congress itself have not completed their terms, and many important INC decisions have been made in sit-down meetings. It was the time when the leftist parties, with the blessing of Mrs. Gandhi, influenced key positions and played a leading role in regulating the system in many aspects.
When Narendra Modi took office as prime minister in 2014, some Sahitya Akademi laureates influenced by leftist ideology returned their honors in a row to demonize their own country under the guise of opposition from the newly elected prime minister. These leftist liberals and pseudo-secularists may not know Lao Yiwu, a Chinese critic of the Chinese Communist regime, author, journalist and renowned poet, who was imprisoned; or Raif Badawi, Saudi writer, dissident, activist and creator of the “Free Saudi Liberals” website who was arrested in 2012 for “electronically insulting Islam”. May they know them but do not want to recognize the fate of subjects living under such a ruthless and powerful government that crushes all freedoms. They cannot say a word against the tyranny of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in China.
Left-wing dominance in the post-emergency period
Left-wing parties supported Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the pre- or post-emergency period and were rewarded by controlling the system that will run the country. They have obtained the power to infiltrate educational institutions, unions, bureaucracy, the judiciary, the media, etc. As they are experts and have nothing to do with creating false narratives and practices denouncing the majority community (Hindus) as intolerant, communal, orthodox or reactionary and ridiculing India as unsafe and unsafe to live in. Some talking heads on TV misrepresented the brutality of Kashmiri Hindus (Kashmir Pandits) in such a way that nothing had happened and accused them of sabotaging their fellow Kashmiri Muslims. The whole story of the exodus of January 19, 1990 is unfolded in “Kashmir File”, although all the facts were embodied in the minds of the figures concerned at that time. In the turmoil of Amarnath, the incident of Mumbai terrorist attack on November 26, 2008 by terrorists sponsored by Pak, a mind game was played. If Ajmal Kasab had not been apprehended, all material and prepared stories would have been ready to ridicule the RSS and other pro-Hindu organizations. Many other cases can be projected where the dubious role of certain television spokespersons can be recited.
The left is not the only instigator in the fabrication and manipulation of events that are happening and have happened. It is a link between various groups of various doctrines for example the followers of Macaulay who are the blind followers of the western world and who think that India has nothing to bring to the world they have demonized even the unique achievements of present and ancient India. Media (electronic and print biases and biases). I was amazed to read the contexts while digging the literature for the relevant topic in Google, for example, in the post-Shahin Bagh episode, all the blame is thrown or sprinkled on Hindus, RSS, BJP and organizations pro-Hindu. Left liberals dominated all key systems and twisted events in their own way. They always remained prejudiced against Hindus or Indian culture and civilization. In this course, they exploit civil society, organized violent protests, tactically taking aid and delegating the mission aggressively to disbelieving elements of certain minorities, unemployed youths, hoodlums and vagabonds. It was the followers of Marxism or Mao-Zedong who hailed the Chinese aggression in 1962. The events of violence in Kashmir, the northeastern region, the Bhima Koregaon event, the CAA Shahin agitation Bagh riots followed by the Delhi Riots, a year-long self-enforced farmers’ unrest with streaks of violence, where the prestigious national flag was dishonored on Republic Day, had been influenced by pseudo-secularists known as ‘Naxals urban”, religious extremists, separatists and other divisive forces.
The Modi government refrained from any strict action against all these unpleasant violent agitations, and no one died from the actions of the police. Mainstays of print media such as English newspapers N Ram’s The Hindu, A Sarkar’s ABP group’s The Telegraph, Sidharth Varadarajan’s Wire, Shekhar Gupta’s The Print, Indian Express, Raghav Bahl’s The Quint, S Ranganathan’s Hindustan Times, Barkha Datt’s Washington Times, and others The New York Times etc. criticizes and ridicules Prime Minister Modi for suppressing the voice of print and electronic media. Newspapers continually criticize the government for various things and publish negative front-page stories. Have all the editors been arrested? Many people openly criticized and ridiculed Modi on Twitter and Facebook. Have they all been arrested and their accounts blocked?
Indian intelligentsia often reads and is very curious about Adolf Hitler, and many people may have read “Mein Kampf” Hitler’s autobiography. Words like Nazism and Fascism are often spat out easily, deliberately or spontaneously in appropriate situations. Anti-Modi intellectuals don’t know the real fascism that happened in the days of Mussolini and Hitler. They are advised not only to read but also to feel the real agony that people had to go through during this time.
(The author is President Trikuta Samvad Kendra)