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Tuesday 24 August The launch of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, the same thing the American delegation wants to go beyond what was achieved in Rio 2016.And why not consider moving up the ranks of the historic medal table.

So, The American federation has decided to form a group of promising and united young athletes in search of conquering the capital of Japan.. Tatiana McFadden and Jessica Long are the two stars our country will share on the show.

But for the big nonsense with the experience of the United States, we must also add the young people who want to write their own history And put the North American flag at the forefront of Asian lands.

“Team USA are very excited not only by the return of the starsBut also thanks to the promising young talents that we have in the Tokyo Paralympic Games team ”, declared the main mission of the team, Julie Dusslier.

Medal predictions for the United States

The US team that will compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games It consists of 290 athletes whose main task will be to beat the 115 medals obtained at the fair five years ago.

The goal does not seem out of reach. Despite the fact that Dusslier did not want to put pressure on the athletes who would attend the Tokyo Show, It is estimated that the United States could again break 40 gold medals, and why not even reach 50.

The United States was fourth in the medal table five years ago, overtaking China, the United Kingdom and the Ukraine, which was the big surprise of the last edition of the summer fair. To date, we do not know who will be the carriers of the brigade.