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The Flag of the Month series takes shape downtown

Published at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 20, 2022

Residents may have recently noticed a common theme among many businesses while browsing downtown.

Thanks to the Flag of the Month series, a multitude of businesses and organizations have begun waving flags outside their buildings in celebration and solidarity.

“It seemed like a great idea to create a sense of community downtown,” said Adam Kidd. He owns the McEldowney building and is a project administrator with Dam Holdings LLC, performing restoration and renovation work. “These are really businesses working with other businesses to show a united front downtown.”

This project, which has been in discussion for some time, features Kidd going from business to business and – gear in hand – making sure a spot is available to hang the flag.

Beginning in June, he featured the PRIDE Flag, the American Flag, and the Farmer’s Market Flag in August.

“The second week of August is National Farmer’s Market Week, and I thought it best to show off the Farmer’s Market with the new improvements they’ve made on Depot Street,” Kidd said. “It’s a bit cartoony, but we have a sort of cornucopia of vegetables and produce, and just the words ‘farmer’s market’. It’s a bright green flag.

September being Recovery Awareness Month, a flag will be flown to show support for this cause.

Although the number and names of participating companies have not been released, it is estimated that thirty-two flags were produced for that month alone.

Over the next twelve months, thirteen different flags will be flown at select locations downtown.

While Kidd acknowledges that not everyone has shown favor towards the idea, he acknowledges that the concept has been generally well received by those inside and outside the community.

“Flags are important. They’re symbols for things, and if you show a symbol, you’re obviously going to upset someone who may be on the opposite side,” Kidd acknowledged. “In terms of where we’ve been so far, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. .. Everybody [on both sides] noticed downtown, and everyone came to the table, and that’s exactly what they want.

or the future, Kidd sees others taking charge as well.

“This is not an Adam Kidd and Dam Holdings project. It’s a community project, and we all need to be part of it,” he says. “Hopefully in the coming months we find a new group of people who are just as excited about this as I am.”