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From this week’s Galway City Tribune – A miniature icon of the ‘Union Jack’ flag, alongside the Irish tricolour, has been removed from Leisureland’s website after the mayor of Galway called it disrespectful.

Leisureland’s service manager, Ian Brennan, removed the symbols indicating the British flag and the Irish flag (to choose between the English and Irish versions of the site) after a complaint from Mayor Colette Connolly last Friday.

The mayor had also written to the chief executive of Galway City Council, owner of Salthill Pool, urging him to remove the British flag.

“Words fail me when I see the English flag [sic] alongside the Irish flag on the Leisureland website, surely GCC [Galway City Council] cannot sanction this total lack of respect for our national flag. I would demand their immediate removal,’ she told Brendan McGrath in an email seen by the Galway City Tribune.

The flags have since been replaced with the words “English” and “Irish”, which have the same functionality as the flags.

The mayor told the Tribune that she discovered the flag icons when she was booking a swim and felt it was disrespectful.

“I didn’t care much about it, and I don’t make political football out of it. But I thought it was important – we don’t use flags to denote languages ​​in this way on a public institution’s website. Operations Manager Ian Brennan agreed with me and immediately took it down. . . I think that can be misinterpreted. I’m not making political football out of it, but to be honest it can be upsetting because it gives the idea that somehow here we fly the Irish flag and the English flag. [sic] next to each other and that’s not what you do in an independent country,” she said.

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