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The Italian Film Festival kicked off in Calcutta on October 12. A curtain raiser was held on Tuesday, which was attended by Miss Universe India 2010 Ushoshi Sengupta and award-winning director Goutam Ghose.

Kolkata,UPDATED: Oct 12, 2022 7:11 p.m. IST

Goutam Ghose and Ushoshi Sengupta launch the Italian Film Festival in Kolkata.

Goutam Ghose and Ushoshi Sengupta launch the Italian Film Festival in Kolkata.

By Anirban Sinha Roy:

Satyajit Ray started making movies after being inspired by Italian movies like Bicycle Thief. In the history of world cinema, Italian cinemas have inspired famous filmmakers. And now India is observing an Italian film festival where many popular films will be screened. A curtain raiser was held on October 11 in Kolkata. The festival aims to present the best of Italian cinemas, in order to promote a high artistic and cultural value. The initiative was taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation (MAECI), Cinecitta for the General Directorate of Cinema and Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture (DGCA-MiC) and the Academy of Cinema Italian – David di Donatello Prize.

All screenings will take place simultaneously from October 12-14 in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and at the historic New Empire Cinema in Kolkata. This will be done in the presence of institutions and some of the most famous names in Indian cinema. The films presented in Italian with English subtitles are Il Buco by Michelangelo Frammartino, Sulla Giostra by Giorgia Cecere, Qui rido io by Mario Martone, L’Arminuta by Giuseppe Bonito and Ariaferma by Leonardo di Costanzo.

National award winner and the only Indian director to receive the Vittorio De Sica award in 1997, Goutam Ghose, was present at the inauguration ceremony. Ghose, who is undertaking an Italian-Indian collaborative project himself, said: “It is very good news that an official Italian film festival is taking place after so many years in India. Satyajit Ray started making films after being inspired by Italian films like Bicycle Thief, and I too was inspired by Rocco and his brothers.” He added: “The new generation of Italian films will be shown to the public. from Kolkata – a city that has a great connection with Italian cinema from the late 1940s. There is a great synergy between Italians and our filmmakers in terms of passion, culture and love of cinema.

The Consul General of Italy in Calcutta, Gianluca Rubagotti, also stressed the importance of this initiative during the ceremony. Miss Universe India 2010, Ushoshi Sengupta, was also present on the opening day in Calcutta.

This initiative is part of a larger project to deepen cultural relations between Italy and India, organized by Cinecitta for the DGCA of the MiC. After India, the Italian films will be screened in Los Angeles from October 31 to November 2, in Sao Paulo from November 4 and in Berlin from November 8 to 13. Thereafter, the festival will continue around the world until 2023, from Buenos Aires to Washington, New York, Seoul, Tel Aviv and Bogota.