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COMPLAINTS marked the public hearing that the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh and the authorities of Hazrat Shahjahal International Airport, or Dhaka Airport, held in Kurmitola on April 5. The hearing, which was supposed to be held once a year, was aimed at improving the quality of passenger reception Services at the airport, however, mainly included complaints of widespread irregularities, harassment, non-cooperation and misconduct with passengers against the national carrier, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, in a horde of issues ranging from flight management to flight delay without notice. In addition to the President of the Civil Aviation Authority, who chaired the hearing, and the Executive Director of the airport, who moderated the event, representatives of local and international flight operators were present. But what was worrying is that no official of the national company, against which most of the participants spoke out, was present at the start of the hearing. The absence of Biman’s representatives from the public hearing suggests a kind of complacency, which could also be interpreted as a kind of arrogance, which has so far prompted the agency to misbehave with passengers, treat passengers in a rude manner and to hold the passengers hostage. at will as if there was no one the passengers complained to.

Passengers at the hearing complained that they felt like they had been held hostage at the airport due to the aggressive and rude behavior of staff. They also complained that Biman’s flights were often delayed and that officials paid little attention to informing passengers of the delay. Biman staff allegedly acted badly with passengers when they inquired about the delay. And repeated flight delays without notice, as everyone thinks, is a sign of poor flight management. Passengers made allegations against Biman officials that they behaved dismissively with ordinary passengers, but acted mildly when people close to power passed by. Participants spoke about the issue of baggage theft and said that the situation had not improved. Customs clearance is said to take much longer, which in most cases becomes inconvenient for passengers, especially after traveling a long distance. While all of these problems existed, as previous media reports of the airport situation suggest, passengers at the hearing also spoke of increased airfares from Dhaka to destinations particularly in the Middle East. Orient, which is almost double for travel from Middle Eastern countries. in Dhaka. Airport authorities claim that around 30,000 passengers use the airport every day; but the authorities must remember that they must have the capacity to manage such a large number of passengers efficiently.

The Civil Aviation Authority said the issues raised in the hearing would be reviewed by the Biman Bangladesh Airlines board for resolution. But the problems have been going on for a long time and it is already time for the authorities to discuss them, without waiting for them to appear at the hearing, and resolve them. The problems that have arisen are a shame, especially for the national airline. The authorities must therefore purge Biman of all the bad reputations he has so far earned in managing flights and passengers in the national interest.