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HORSHAM – On Veterans Day, many activities were organized to honor those who served in the military in the Hatboro-Horsham School District. At Hatboro-Horsham High School, students and veterans attended a Veterans Day celebration and ceremony.

“I am proud of the students who organized and planned this event,” said HHHS Director Dennis Williams. “After enjoying the Keith Valley Middle School Veterans Breakfasts, the students wanted to organize a similar event at the high school level. “

The school choir sang the national anthem and a senior staff member hoisted the flag. There were a few short speeches from Principal Williams and the veterans, and the students and their families had a light breakfast.

At Keith Valley Middle School, the annual Veterans Day Breakfast and Ceremony has been changed to a Grab-N-Go Breakfast. Students and family veterans were greeted outside the school with flags and posters. They had a light breakfast outside in front of the school.

“Although the breakfast seemed different from previous years, we were happy that we could still host breakfast for veterans and students, who look forward to the event every year.

Keith Valley Breakfast (Photo courtesy of Hatboro-Horsham School District)

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