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The committee is now tasked not only with selecting the head of the city, but with nominating all the candidates in the Legislative Council ballot on December 19 and choosing 40 of the 90 members of the legislature.

Last Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry released what it described as

attempts by the United States to interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs and support anti-Chinese troublemakers, listing more than 100 “violations of basic standards governing international relations.”

Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po followed a few days later with

bringing the damage done to local businesses by the 2019 protests at the feet of the United States.

During Friday’s reception, Lam said the Beijing document showed the need for the security law, while Chan’s report made it clear that the city’s forces as a global financial hub remain strong.

“As long as we all remain committed to safeguarding national sovereignty … and upholding the principle of ‘patriots running Hong Kong’, I am sure that Hong Kong businesses, Hong Kong businessmen and residents of Hong Kong will only have more and more development opportunities and possibilities on the mainland, ”she said.

“This will give a stronger boost to our city’s economy and provide more diverse career opportunities for our young people.

Security officers pass local and Beijing officials for Friday’s National Day ceremony in Wan Chai. Photo: Dickson Lee

Earlier on Friday, Lam and at least 100 guests also attended a flag-raising ceremony outside the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Center, where the reception was then held.

Participants at both events included former CEOs Leung Chun-ying and Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, Chief Justice Andrew Cheung Kui-nung and members of Lam’s Executive Council.

CFO Paul Chan then posted a photo of himself attending the flag-raising ceremony on his Facebook page.

Mainland officials there included Luo Huining, director of the central government liaison office in Hong Kong; Zheng Yanxiong, head of the Beijing National Security Bureau in the city; and Liu Guangyuan, local commissioner of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Luo also held a separate flag raising ceremony at the liaison office.

Hong Kong Managing Director Carrie Lam and other officials celebrated China's National Day on Friday.  Photo: Winson Wong

Hong Kong Managing Director Carrie Lam and other officials celebrated China’s National Day on Friday. Photo: Winson Wong

Former town chief Tung Chee-hwa, 84, must have missed the event because he was not feeling well, a spokesperson for his office said.

“Tung wants the nation and Hong Kong to continue to be prosperous and stable, that ‘one country, two systems’ can be implemented steadily, and that all residents can be successful in whatever they do,” said the spokesperson said in a statement. .

Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng Yuek-wah, meanwhile, took to her official blog in the morning to praise China’s “impressive achievements” over the past decades.

“Hong Kong must make the most of its strength in order to integrate with the country’s needs, manifesting the principle of” joint development, shared prosperity “,” she said.

The To post Hong Kong police planned to take 8,000 officers to the streets and conduct high-level patrols on Thursday to ensure National Day events are conducted in a safe and orderly manner.

Amid this massive police presence, the League of Social Democrats was the only group to protest on Friday. A handful of key operatives, including President Chan Po-ying and activist Tsang Kin-shing, marched from Wan Chai’s Southorn Center to the Renaissance Harbor View Hotel to demand the release of “political prisoners” imprisoned under security law.

Separately, police investigated two reports of alleged flag desecration in Wong Tai Sin shortly after 6 a.m. on Friday morning.

In one of the cases, the police found a national flag that had been burnt on Fu Mei Street, near the Wang Tau Hom Estate.

In the other case, a resident reported that a flag was desecrated after finding it on the ground. Investigators concluded that the flag simply landed there after being blown off its mast by the wind.

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