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A screenshot from a social media video shows Bahrainis setting fire to the Israeli flag during further protests against a two-day visit by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s occupation regime to the island.

Bahraini protesters set fire to the Israeli flag during further protests against a two-day visit by Tel Aviv regime Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to the tiny Persian Gulf island.

Footage and footage that emerged from Tuesday’s rallies in the capital Manama and elsewhere in the country showed protesters burning the flag, trampling it and holding up signs that read: “Naftali, get out”.

The rallies took place under strict security measures adopted by the country’s security forces.

Security forces cracked down on protests in Bahrain’s eastern island of Sitra, arresting a number of protesters.

Participants in al-Musalla near the capital chanted slogans against the ruling Al Khalifah regime in the kingdom and demanded an end to the normalization of the country’s relations with the occupation regime.

Bennett’s trip, which began on Monday, marked the first visit by an Israeli prime minister since Manama and Tel Aviv established ties under a US-sponsored normalization deal in 2020.

Bahrainis took to the streets across the country on Monday to protest the Israeli official’s trip and mark the anniversary of the country’s 2011 revolution against the island’s ruling regime.

While indulging in the occupation regime, Manama has a long history of repression against the island’s Shia Muslim majority.

Dozens of Bahrainis lost their lives and hundreds more were imprisoned or stripped of their Bahraini citizenship in the brutal crackdown.