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SPOILER ALERT: This podcast contains details about the first episode of She-Hulk: Lawyer which debuted today on Disney+.

“From genesis, the show was going to be a comprehensive portrait of this woman’s life, you know – and that was going to include every aspect of her life,” says She-Hulk: Lawyer creator Jessica Gao of Marvel’s first full-length comedy and “sex-positive” series. “The beauty of television is that we have the time and the space to hang out with the character,” the Emmy-winning EP adds of the superhero series starring Tatiana Maslany.

“She’s not bogged down and laser-focused on saving the universe for two hours,” Gao says, planting a very distinct flag on the small screen for all nine Los Angeles episodes. She-Hulk. Listen to our convo with Jessica this morning here — and yes, there’s more on that Steve Rogers sex talk.

Ready to release new episodes every week on the House of Mouse streamer and full of laughs, fourth wall breaking, action and sharp cultural reviews plus big links to the great MCU, She-Hulk the series draws heavily and cleverly from the character’s longtime presence in the comics.

In this context, the series sees appearances from Mark Ruffalo as the cousin Bruce Banner of Maslany’s Los Angeles lawyer, Jennifer Walters, Tim Roth back in his role as 2008’s Abomination. The Incredible Hulk movie, and more Dr Strange Alumnus and fan favorite Benedict Wong. Also in the well-paced mix is Good place vet Jameela Jamil as a costumed influencer (to say the least), as well as Ginger Gonzaga as Walters/She-Hulk’s best friend and Superhuman Division paralegal and attorney Augustus Pugliese, played by Josh Segarra.

And there’s the long-awaited return of Charlie Cox as daredevil on the shores of Marvel.

Besides discussing all things She-Hulk, Gao explains how Cox was brought in when no one thought it was even a possibility, and works with the axis of excellence known as Marvel boss Kevin Feige. The EP also gives us an idea where She-Hulk could end up next in potential future seasons and these double avengers movies announced at Comic-Con last month.

Hear true believers…and yes, Jessica also said this online today:

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