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Taking a dig at Congress’ Chintan Shivir, BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi hoped on Saturday that the party’s “one family, one ticket” plan would also apply to the Gandhi family.

The Congress retaliated by mocking the BJP after the Saffron Party Central Committee recommended the Legislative Council election ticket to former Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa’s son, BY Vijayendra.

Speaking to reporters, Ravi said Congress had long been controlled by one family. “It looks like they are learning their lessons now. I hope this decision to end dynasty politics applies to family number one as well,” Ravi said, referring to the Gandhis.

“Unlike the BJP which has internal democracy and regularly holds internal elections, the Congress has failed to do so,” he added. “I welcome that they have adopted some of the practices of the BJP. Let them stop the policy of appeasement. If all the parties start thinking about the nation instead of appeasement, then it will be good for the nation” , he joked.

The Karnataka Congress led by DK Shivakumar demanded the BJP to explain its anti-dynasty stance towards Vijayendra.

“Let the BJP, who came forward to make Vijayendra a minister and the MLC, respond. Isn’t that family politics? Is Vijayendra not getting attention because he is Yediyurappa’s son?’?” said Congress in a tweet.

In another tweet, Congress wrote, “The BJP has become the biggest promoter of dynasty politics, which it claims to oppose. If BJP is against family policy then why is Vijayendra being promoted? Does the BJP have the morality to respond?

Opponents of anthem unfit to live in India: CT Ravi

Those who create controversy over the mandatory national anthem in Madrasas are “unfit” to live in India, BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi has said. He was commenting on criticism from some quarters of the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision to make the national anthem compulsory in Madrasas. “Singing the national anthem should be a matter of pride,” he said. “People who disrespect the national flag, anthem and constitution only physically live in India while being emotionally detached. Those who are emotionally Indian will not see this as a controversy.” When asked if the same decision would be implemented in Karnataka, Ravi replied, “[Madrasas] should voluntarily start singing the national anthem without being told.”