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Submitted Photo Pictured is the Color Guard on horseback during the Kevin White Memorial football game between the Westfield / Brocton Wolverines and the Chautauqua Lake Thunderbirds at the NorthLake Family Recreation Center Inc. in Westfield on September 25. Kevin White was killed in action in Afghanistan on May 2, 2011.

WESTFIELD – NorthLake Family Recreation Center Inc. in Westfield recognized the tenth anniversary of the return of Army Sgt. Kevin W. White with their annual Kevin White Memorial football game, dedication of Sgt. Kevin W. White Memorial Field and the annual Kevin White Memorial Alumni football game on September 25.

The ceremony included a reading from Kevin’s biography, a dedication prayer from retired pastor and NorthLake founding council member Thayne Bodenmiller II, and featured a mounted color guard of Carrie McCausland and Ellie Bates of Portland. . Both ladies are veterans’ granddaughters, and Carrie’s brother has made several deployments to Iraq.

They rode Gust, a black Morgan, and Riesling, a retired bay thoroughbred. The Morgans had been the mounts of the American cavalry since before the Civil War. The American flags were loaned by WP Jackway Post 6764 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and John W. Rogers Post 327 of the American Legion.


A nice row of 10 American flags was also donated by Nate and Alyssa Myers.

The game that followed the ceremony and our national anthem featured the Westfield Wolverines men’s football team and the Chautauqua Lake Thunderbirds, with coaches and players saluting Paul and Pattie White, Sgt. White’s parents, before the game.

Sgt. Kevin W. White was killed in action in Afghanistan on May 2, 2011.

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