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Sticking with Sussan Ley’s press conference for a moment, and the deputy Liberal leader also called on Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe to step down from the Senate altogether.

As regular readers of this blog will know, Thorpe resigned as deputy leader of the party in the Senate yesterday. This is after revelations that she did not disclose her relationship with a former biker boss when she was a member of the House of Commons Joint Enforcement Committee.

Green Senator Lidia Thorpe. Credit:Justin McManus

Greens leader Adam Bandt said he was assured that Thorpe had not shared any confidential information with anyone not authorized to receive it, but that not disclosing the relationship “showed a significant lack of judgement”.

But this morning, Ley said stepping down as Senate leader of the Greens was not enough.

Lidia Thorpe is not fit to sit in the Australian parliament. It’s pretty clear: you can’t have law enforcement by day and be in bed with bikes at night. Let us remember that this transgression is not an isolated incident for

Senator Lidia Thorpe. His criminal record is quite long. Lidia Thorpe had to take her oath of office back because she used it as a jab to insult the late Queen Elizabeth II. She insulted our national flag and she participated in demonstrations where the flag was defaced and burned. While holding a seat in the Senate, she declared Australia’s very system of government to be illegitimate. She abused aboriginal elders.

She has trashed our institutions every day and every day since entering parliament. It’s a serious test for Adam Bandt and the Greens. Adam Bandt must ask Senator Thorpe to resign from parliament.

Thorpe’s former boyfriend had no criminal convictions and resigned as the rebels’ chairman in 2018.

Regarding the incident with Indigenous Elder Aunty Geraldine Atkinson, Thorpe has consistently defended her conduct at the meeting on the grounds that it was a “vigorous discussion.”