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From playing in an ‘unAustralian’ way to losing the love of fans, Michael Clarke has slammed the national cricket team following their exit from the T20 World Cup.

The World Cup-winning captain, who prefaced his spray by saying he didn’t want to create ‘headlines’, didn’t hold back on morning radio saying that the ghosts of Sandpapergate and the departure Justin Langer’s messy as a coach had left a bitter taste in the mouths of the public.

The fallout from Australia’s failed World Cup defense is set to continue throughout the tournament, with Aaron Finch’s men being knocked out in unusual circumstances over the weekend.

Although there was a sense of inevitability surrounding Australia’s departure from the group stage, Finch’s side didn’t swing so much but simply limped through the tournament.

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Michael Clarke has slammed Aaron Finch for his ‘unAustralian’ performances throughout the World Cup. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Their crushing 89-point opener loss to New Zealand left Australia to catch up and less-than-convincing performances against Ireland and Afghanistan meant they finished the group stage with a negative run rate – a factor that ultimately saw England overtake their Ashes. rivals on Saturday.

Selection also dominated discussions throughout the tournament, with Finch’s spot being debated from start to finish.

He wasn’t the only one either, however, with Mitchell Starc extraordinarily dropped for the final game.

“The frustrating thing for me is that I think they missed a round against Ireland…then against Afghanistan, I don’t know what I was watching,” Clarke said on the Big sports breakfast.

“It was like they were doing everything they could just to beat Afghanistan. I know you can never just wipe the floor with a team and have that attitude, but they had to. They had to march over there against Afghanistan and say, “we’re going to do 200 and take you down for 100”, but they just didn’t have that aggressiveness, they didn’t have that fire in their guts, even in the field, they looked a bit slow in the field.

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Former England captain Michael Vaughan agreed, saying Australia did not look their usual combative side and highlighted their sweet performance with the bat against New Zealand.

“The old Australian teams would definitely have gotten 140, 150 against New Zealand and then swept Ireland for 80 or 90 (points),” Vaughan said. Cricbuzz live.

“They would have been ruthless.

“That’s why I watch this group, I don’t think they’re as ruthless as some of the old (Australian) teams.

“I don’t see that from this Australian team. I think they’re a pretty nice team to play against.

Clarke went so far as to say Finch’s side delivered a “very un-Australian” performance throughout the World Cup.

“I think Aussies in general, on the biggest stage under the most pressure, always line up and have a crack. We are not afraid of losing. Still, we picked an aggressive 11 in this World Cup squad, but we played so defensively. Very un-Australian,” Clarke said.

“That’s the part I hate about former players or journalists – I know it’s your job but I hate kicking a team when they’re down. There’s a number of things that happened in this campaign even before this World Cup campaign which I think I’ve been quite vocal about I don’t want to kick them now and I don’t want the headlines ex-captain crushes the Australian team.

“I just think they got a number of things wrong and I made it very clear in the commentary that I think leaving Mitchell Starc out of the squad against Afghanistan was one of those things.

“They have a lot to watch, it’s not just the players. I think some of the decisions made in the last few months before the World Cup need to be looked at. For me, I hope they find a way to improve.

“You can’t win every game, every tournament, I understand that. But with the Australian cricket team, expectations are high and we want to see our team make it to the finals and win tournaments and series.

Michael Clarke said Australia’s preparation was not up to par. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Former all-rounder Simon O’Donnell described Australia’s mentality as “emotionless” throughout the tournament and pointed to Virat Kohli’s emotional blows as what the host nation lacked.

He also hit out at comments from the Australian team, including Finch before the tournament started, that they were tired.

“I think it’s an issue that needs to be discussed and resolved, especially when a national team captain says it before a tournament starts. It’s a white flag thing even before he says it. doesn’t start,” O’Donnell said. SEN.

“We understand where this fatigue comes from and why it is there. I’m sure they’ll have those discussions, but we can’t go to tournaments like this and still play in the IPL and all the things we do outside of playing for Australia.

“People place a lot more emphasis on outdoor tournaments than moving up the ranks so they can play for Australia and miss an IPL to make sure they’re right for a tournament like this. I must admit that fatigue (excuse) does not hold me up.


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Australia’s capitulation to New Zealand in the opening game of the tournament also made people wonder about the home side’s preparation.

Former coach Langer was considered a master of tactical plans and scenario-based plays, leading the Scorchers to three Big Bash titles.

While he would have taken a back seat in Australia’s T20 World Cup triumph, he also coached the country’s first breakthrough in the tournament.

Clarke said Langer would not have allowed Australia to fall under such circumstances.

“I pity Andrew McDonald because he’s a great guy, but I guarantee you that if JL was the coach of this team, this team would have had a huge kick in the back long before the tournament started,” he said. -he declares.

Clarke added that the stench left behind by the two ugly moments that have rocked Australian cricket over the past half-decade has not been forgotten by the wider community.

“The other thing as well, and I said this a couple of weeks ago here, right now I feel like there’s a real dislike for the Australian team and I want to see that change” , did he declare.

“We have messages this morning, it seems so many people are happy that Australia lost.

“There’s always angst around Justin Langer being fired or quitting, how it happened. I think there’s angst around our style of play and the way we let’s play.

“Patty Cummins has a big job as captain and Andrew McDonald if he’s going to be a coach trying to change some things.

“I think allowing fans to be part of their cricket team is so important. I think the fans feel like they’ve been well and truly left behind and nobody notices what they want and need for Australian cricket to once again become a powerhouse and a well-supported national team.

“Australian cricket has always tried to be the No.1 team in the country, but we are a long way from that now.”