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Victoria Young

CONCORD – A new flag drop box has been installed at American Legion Post 51.

In honor of the new drop box and Flag Day, which was June 14, the Post held a flag handover and unveiling ceremony on Saturday morning, June 18.

The box was donated to the Post by the Cabarrus County Carolina Club as part of a new community service project.

Carolina Club’s David Jones said it was the first box offered by the club, but he hopes others will follow.

“I’m hoping to put them in strategic locations around the county to make it easier to drop the flags,” Jones said. “Hopefully the program will continue in perpetuity.”

The drop box was donated by the Cabarrus County Carolina Club as part of a new community service project.

Victoria Young, independent opinion piece

Several flags had been placed at the post to be disposed of during the ceremony.

Judy Tarbox, the Post’s vice commander, said she was grateful to have a place dedicated to flags that need to be taken down.

“Post 51 has done flag takedowns in the past,” she said. “It was a natural meeting with the scouts and the club to organize this ceremony. The given box is a great advantage for all year round. The flags can be placed there without worrying about the elements or the conditions.

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Girl Scouts were also present and witnessed the flag removal ceremony. Scouts often participate in post office activities, such as placing flags at grave sites, Tarbox said.

Isabella Robison, a Girl Scout cadet and soon-to-be seventh grader, joined in the ceremony by reading some history about the flag.

She also carried a flag to the disposal site after it was inspected.

Her mother, Marbely Robison, is a former military member and said she and her daughter often volunteer at organizations like Wreaths Across America.

“I want to instill in my daughter the kind of respect and honor that I have for symbols like the flag,” Robison said.

The flag disposal ceremony began with a reading of the history of the flag. Afterwards, the participants went outside for the inspection of the flags and their proper burning.

Flag removal ceremony

The public can drop off flags for removal in the new American Legion Post 51 box at any time.

Victoria Young, independent opinion piece

All burnt flags were made from natural fibers.

Flags with fibers like nylon will be disassembled and given to a recycler in the city of Chester, South Carolina, who has agreed to collect them.

The drop box is at American Legion Post 51 at 165 Wilshire Ave. SW, Concord. The public can deposit the flags that must be removed there and the post office will dispose of them correctly.

Anyone interested in placing a drop box anywhere in the Cabarrus County area can contact David Jones at [email protected]