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Nancy Pelosi and I are the same age and grew up in blessed times when our country was united and very patriotic. We lived through World War II. We have experienced doing without it to support this war – rationing food and gasoline and creating Victory Gardens. None of us wavered, complained or found fault with our government. People weren’t shooting at each other! Life was sacred in America. We were proud of our country and we were united!

My dad was a history/government professor and he knew everything, it seemed to me. He was deeply patriotic, having been brought up to recite for his father before he could have any privilege, Patrick Henry’s speech, “Give me liberty or give me death”, and other long speeches of our past history. This practice developed in him a deep reverence and love for our country. He transmitted this heritage to me head-on. So that I too have become a respectful patriot of my country. It is this legacy that Nancy Pelosi and I share.

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That’s why she said, after the midterm elections, “…through the perilous night, our flag was still there.” Our fragile and blessed democracy had survived! This time, there were no red glare flares going off that night; rather, that “perilous” night was the dark period of the past six years perpetrated by those who would destroy the principles on which our country was built: honesty, integrity, decency, loyalty, allegiance and reverence. to a common Judeo-Christian community. the faith that has guided us all. This Thanksgiving, let’s all come together to give thanks that our flag is still there!