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ISLAMABAD: City managers have decided to create a walking history museum at H-8 which will be inaugurated on Independence Day this year.

The museum, which will contain around two dozen images linked to the Pakistani movement, will be installed near the Federal Council for Middle and Secondary Education, where the national flag is already installed on a higher poll.

“We have a large abandoned open space near the national flag site. So I asked the concerned wing to create a passing museum to highlight our nation’s struggle for the creation of Pakistan, ”said CDA President Amer Ali Ahmed.

He said the museum will likely be inaugurated on August 14, adding that it is CDA’s responsibility to provide as many platforms as possible for children to make them aware of the sacrifices of our ancestors in the creation of Pakistan. He said the museum will be a no-entry facility.

In 2014, CDA, through a government contractor, hoisted the flag on a pole 220 feet high. According to the CDA, the flag poll is the highest in South Asia.

CDA officials said former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif decided to install the tallest flag pole in Islamabad after seeing an Indian flag 207 feet tall in Delhi in 2014.

“The open space adjacent to the flag will be landscaped and converted into an open-air museum without walls or ceilings.

The concept behind is to develop a gateway around which will be displayed actual photographic images of the Pakistani movement with particular reference to the sacrifices made by our ancestors, ”said a press release issued by the CDA. The CDA said it would use the services of famous artist Aftab Changaizi who has many important projects to his credit such as the National Heritage Museum, Folk Heritage, National Monument Museum, Army Museum Rawalpindi, Army Museum Lahore and Senate. Museum among others.

Posted in Dawn, le 28 June 2021