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Unicode Consortium, the company behind the text emojis, said it won’t be adding flag emojis anytime soon. The US-based nonprofit clarified that it would not accept new flag emoji submissions, regardless of category.

“They (flag emojis) cause more trouble than they’re worth,” the company said, adding that “the inclusion of new flags will always continue to emphasize the exclusion of others.”

Supporting this argument, the consortium said: “If the Emoji subcommittee recommends adding a Catalonia flag emoji, that looks like favoritism unless all the other subdivisions of Spain are added. And if these are added, what about subdivisions of Japan or Namibia, or cantons of Liechtenstein? »

The Consortium cannot delete a character once added. It can only update one emoji. “Countries change but Unicode additions are forever – once a character is added it can never be removed,” he said.

Flags are “by far” the least used emoji, the company said. “Out of 3,600 emoji, there are over 200 flags…Although this is the largest emoji category with a strong identity-related association, flags are by far the least used” , the statement said.

Additionally, the consortium pointed out that there are other ways besides emojis to exchange flag images such as stickers, GIFs, and attachments.

Nevertheless, the company clarified that the flags are automatically recommended for any country with a Unicode region code, i.e. any country recognized by the United Nations. So if the UN recognizes a new country, that nation’s emoji will be added. Until then, the number of flag emojis will remain constant.

(Edited by : Thomas Abraham)