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“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought”, a famous quote from French philosopher Henri Bergson, goes well with Premjit Sen who earned the 8th Dan black belt.

Recipient of the 7th Dan Black Belt from the prestigious World Karate Federation, his contribution to the popularization of this form of martial art in India has been immense.

With the rank of 8th Dan, he obtained the title of Hanshi which in common terms means Role Model for others.

His accomplishments and honors have established him as one of India’s top champions. Martial art is a form that is practiced for many reasons like self-defense, the army, competition, physical exercise, etc.

Sen is also keen to give back to society. He worked and showed his potential as a technical official at the 33rd National Games Assam, 34th National Games Jharkhand and also at the World martial Art Games Switzerland.

He was given the responsibility of treasurer of the National Martial Arts Games Federation of India as he worked on improving the martial arts infrastructure and also contributed as a teacher to success of this art form.

He is currently President of the Bengal Karate Do Association and President of the Hapkido Federation of India. He also provided his service as Chairman of RC to Karate India Organization.

Sen has also proven himself to be a great administrator. It was the source of the enormous success of many martial arts players. He passed on his knowledge to the students and helped them achieve their dreams.

Premjit Sen was honored by ISKA HALL OF FAME as Indian Karate Teacher of the Year.

He also participated in the Asian Games Indonesia 2018 as an observer for the National Karate Federation.

He worked hard to raise the standard of this form in India and recognize the value of this form by being an ideal student of this art form himself.

The positions he currently occupies:

1. Referee and judge: Asian Karate Federation (recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia).
2. Referee and judge: World Karate Federation. (Recognized by the International Olympic Committee)
3. President: Karate Do Association of Bengal
4. President: RC Karate India Organization
5. President: Indian Hapkido Federation
6. Treasurer: National Federation of Martial Arts Games of India

Laurel as an athlete:

1. Gold medalist at the 2003 and 2008 Martial Arts World Cup from Australia
2. European Open Champion in 2006 from Germany
3.1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze in 2007 ISKA CCP International Championship Australia
4.2 bronze and 2 silver in 2005 ISKA World Cup Australia
5. 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze at the 13th CCP 2004 International Martial Arts Championship in Australia.
6.1 Bronze at the 10th International Martial Arts Championship 2001.
7. 1 Gold Medal South Africa opens the 2009 International Sports Kickboxing Championship.

Coaching credibility in the international arena

1.1 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze at the 2009 Commonwealth Karate Championships in South Africa
2. 4 gold and 3 bronze at the 2015 Commonwealth Karate Championships
3.1 Silver medal at the 2018 Croatia Junior World Cup
4.1 Silver medal at the 2019 Croatia Junior World Cup
5.11 bronze medal at the 2013 13th ASIA UAE Senior Asian Karate Championship
6.2 gold, 3 bronze and 1 silver at the 2018 Commonwealth Karate Championship South Africa
7. Men’s and Women’s Team Championship at the 2014 South Asian Karate Championship in India.
8. 2 gold medals at the South Asian Karate Championship in Bangladesh

Coaches’ credibility in the national arena:

1.3 gold, 2 silver at the 19th national karate championship in 2005
2. 1 gold and 3 silver at the 20th national karate championship in 2007
3.7 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze at the 22nd national karate championships in 2008
4. 4 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze at the 23rd 2009 National Junior Cadet Championship
5. 3 Silver and 1 Bronze in the 23rd sr. National Championship 2010
6.1 Gold at the 25th 2011 National Junior and Cadet Championship
7. Bronze medal at the 34th Senior National Games 201, Jharkhand
8. 3 gold medals at the 25th AIKF 2012 Senior National Championships
9. 3 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals at the 58th National School Games 2012 – 2013
10. Bronze Medal in All India Police Force and Paramilitary Championship (This achievement is a first in the history of karate by the Kolkata Police Force).