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After dropping 10 new national team home shirts At the end of May, German sportswear company Puma was back on Monday, launching a total of 13 new away kits for the national football associations it outfits. This includes six countries that will take part in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar in November and December.

The 13 away kits launched on Monday follow a similar pattern: a Puma logo and the national team crest in the middle of the chest, then some sort of shape containing the player’s number. Some of the shapes are more pronounced than others; some even contain the country’s flag and national team nickname.

“The bold new design language reinterprets national motifs of football, culture and nature, bringing them together in a way that transforms each shirt into a centerpiece for the nation and the national team,” reads a statement. Puma press release.

Here’s a look at the 13 kits and what Puma has to say about each one, starting with the countries that will be taking part in the World Cup this fall:


“Fast meets ferocity in the new Senegal Away kit. The national flag, federation crest and ‘Les Lions’ lettering take center stage, complemented by an abstract graphic of a lion’s mouth to celebrate the bravery and intensity shown by the Teranga Lions, the reigning African champions.

Courtesy Puma


“The details make all the difference in this Morocco Away 2022 shirt. The team crest in the center is complemented by tonal graphics that take inspiration from traditional Moroccan mosaics.

Courtesy Puma


“The Eagles have landed. The 2022 Serbia Away White Shirt features gold accents and bespoke front panel graphics to celebrate Serbia’s footballing heritage. In the center of the crest is a stylized reference to the coat of arms found at Prince Mihailo’s monument in Belgrade. Instituted in 1882, when the Kingdom of Serbia was founded, the coat of arms is incorporated into the crest to unite the team and the supporters.

Courtesy Puma

Football Shirt Blog Todo Sobre Camisetas also reports that Serbia’s home kit – which was not part of Puma’s May releases – will be red with gold accents and a tonal cross pattern throughout. It also features the new national team crest.


“Defend Switzerland. The off-white Switzerland Away jersey is brightened up with red graphics and accents that pay homage to the national flag, federation crest and everything they stand for.

Courtesy Puma


“Boldness meets pride in the new Ghana Away shirt. The graphic block in the center reinterprets the national flag through the visual language of traditional Ghanaian textile patterns. The lettering “Ghana”, the emblem of the federation and the star from Ghana complete the statement.”

Courtesy Puma


The Uruguay Away jersey resembles the federation crest and national flag for a fresh and fearless take on national team identity. The country flag and ‘Uruguay’ writing complete the center aligned crest . »

Courtesy Puma


“The Azzurri honor the Habs. The white jersey lights up with bold graphics and proud details inspired by the colors of the national flag. Custom gold accents pay homage to the golden heritage of Italian football.

Courtesy Puma

These are the last kits Puma will produce for Italy before Adidas becomes the national team’s supplier in 2023.


“Das Team wears its colors high. Inspired by the national flag, the white, black and red Austria Away Jersey combines the team crest, country name and national colors in a bold front graphic that celebrates all things Austria.


” From generation to generation. The Czech Republic 2022 away shirt in white, red and blue is inspired by the team’s crest to celebrate the nation’s footballing heritage.

Courtesy Puma


“Football and folklore come together in the Iceland Away shirt. The graphic in the center pays homage to the four protectors of Iceland: the dragon, the bull, the griffin and the giant, as seen on the coat of arms flags and the emblem of the national team.

Courtesy Puma


“Football meets culture in the 2022 Egypt Away Shirt. The center graphic depicts the three pyramids of Giza in the style of ancient Egyptian ornamentation and features a centrally aligned federation crest to complete the look.

Courtesy Puma


“The nation and the national team are one in the Ivory Coast away shirt. Bold graphics in the center combine the national flag, the federation emblem and the team’s nickname “Les Éléphants”, paying homage to the national animal of the Ivory Coast. »

Courtesy Puma


“White and red are cut from the same fabric. The new Paraguay Away 2022 jersey reinterprets the team’s crest through an aesthetic of traditional Paraguayan textile patterns.

Courtesy Puma