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ASTANA – Republic Day marks our ancestors’ dream of freedom, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said during a solemn ceremony on October 22 dedicated to the restoration of Republic Day, which celebrates the adoption of the declaration sovereignty of the country on October 22. December 25, 1990, reports the press service of Akorda.

President Tokayev speaking at a solemn ceremony dedicated to Republic Day at the presidential palace in Akorda. Photo credit: Akorda press service.

The president said the holiday commemorates the efforts of the Kazakh people to achieve freedom and preserve their national identity. He noted that, given the political, social and demographic situation at the time, this was a courageous step.

“The Kazakhs say: there is no state without sovereignty. It’s no secret that some make sweeping and baseless claims such as “Kazakhstan accidentally won freedom and was the last to declare independence.” Only people unable to accurately assess the situation at the time can speak this way,” the president said.

Tokayev noted that this holiday had not been celebrated for several years, especially since 2009. He proposed to restore Republic Day as a national holiday during the National Congress held in June in the Ulytau region.

The ideology of mutual respect

According to the president, the holiday should reflect national goals and be rich in ideological and practical significance. He said the country needs an ideology that is easy to understand and meets the needs of its citizens.

“In simple terms, we do not need artificial principles, but proper guidelines, necessary in daily life, understandable and close to the heart of every person. We are happy that today our people live in unity and harmony,” Tokayev said.

He stressed that the guiding principle today is what the state can do for the people, not what a person can do for the state. The nation should adopt an ideology of mutual respect and creation to strengthen the state.

The turquoise passport

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev referred to his recent statement in which he said that the turquoise passport of Kazakhstan must become the symbol of national identity.

“Our passport is respected around the world and it faces no challenges. Citizens of Kazakhstan can obtain foreign visas, freely cross borders and travel abroad for business and pleasure,” Tokayev said.

He claims that this is the result of a policy of inter-ethnic tolerance and friendship, as well as a consistent path towards international security and cooperation.

The flag

The Kazakh President called the national flag a symbol of unity. He mentioned the amendments to the legislation on the use of state symbols, which allowed citizens to display the flag in their homes.

“Citizens can express their love and respect for our sacred homeland through state symbols. No one can now ban the display of our flag in public or private places,” he said.

Kazakh language

The state language, according to Tokayev, is also a guarantee of unity. The government is working to expand the spheres of its use.

According to the president, knowing more than one language is a path to a prosperous life. He said he believed learning more languages ​​would make young people more competitive and skilled.

“Language and inter-ethnic relations are inextricably linked. These are the most critical factors in maintaining internal stability. The politicization of these socially sensitive issues has had adverse consequences in some neighboring countries. Turning them into political pawns is unacceptable. This is not our way,” Tokayev stressed.