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NEW DELHI: To ensure that the high-mast flags installed in the city by the Delhi government are properly maintained, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched Tiranga Samman Samitis on Saturday. The state of each flag will now be the responsibility of a samiti made up of five volunteers.
Kejriwal also announced the launch of the “Har Haath Tiranga” initiative, under which every Delhiite will receive the tricolor. However, no details have been shared about this by the government.

Speaking at an event held at Thyagraj Stadium, the CM said: “Tiranga Samman Samiti will report to PWD officials if a flag is torn, soiled or suffers stains from dust, storms or pollution. . The samiti will ensure that the tricolor flies in accordance with the flag code,” Kejriwal said.
In its 2021-22 state budget, called the Deshbhakti Budget for Promoting National Pride, the Delhi government pledged to install 500 115-foot-tall tricolors across the city. He set aside Rs 45 crore for the project and raised it to Rs 104.4 crore in September. So far over 200 flags have been installed while PWD has erected flagpoles for another 175. Officials claimed that all 500 flags would be flown by August 15 this year.
Kejriwal explained that 500 national flags were put up to ensure that one was in view of people every time they left the house. “There is nothing more glorious than the tricolor to instill patriotism in one’s soul,” the CM said. “The national flag is not just a fabric and a staff. It is the manifestation of Bharat Mata.
He urged the Tiranga Samman Samitis to gather near the flag every Sunday at 10 a.m. and sing the national anthem. He also asked the panels to mobilize 1,000 volunteers each, who could be given the responsibility of ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry, that street children go to school, that all the sick have access to facilities medical services, that all homeless people have shelter and that all localities remain clean. .
The five lakh volunteers mobilized by the committee of 500 would move Delhi forward and help the city in times of need be it a pandemic or any other crisis, Kejriwal said, promising to eat with every panel that has succeeded in recruiting 1,000 volunteers.
The AAP National Officer also said that these volunteers will be asked to prepare a list of homeless street children so that they can be sent to the modern boarding school being built by the Delhi government and thus their secure a better future.
The event was also attended by MP CM Manish Sisodia and Principal Secretary of PWD H Rajesh Prasad. Sisodia, who also holds the PWD portfolio, said the people of India should ensure that the national flags are taken care of and kept untarnished.
“We have to treat the tricolor like we care about a child – like we care about the well-being of children when they go out,” Sisodia said. “Similarly, every day someone from the Tiranga Samman Samiti should take responsibility for checking the flag and reporting any problems to the authorities.”