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A video is shared on social media claiming it as live CCTV visuals of a Muslim and a Hindu priest rearranging a national tricolor flag upside down on Republic Day. This article describes it as the real nationalism in India. Let’s check the assertion made in the message.

The archived version of the message can be seen here.

Claim: Video of a Muslim priest and a Hindu priest rearranging a national tricolor flag upside down on Republic Day.

Do: The video shared in the message is scripted. This video was created by a video creator named Maurya Desikalakaar. This video does not show an actual incident. Therefore, the claim made in the message is MISLEADING.

While searching for reverse image screenshots of the video, we couldn’t find any relevant information regarding this video in the search results. When we searched the source of the video using keywords, we found the same video posted on a Facebook page named Maurya Desi Kalakaar. Maurya Desi Kalakaar posted this video on January 26, 2022. On his Facebook page, Maurya Desi Kalakaar described himself as a video maker from the city of Kesariya in Bihar.

Maurya Desikalakaar shared several similar scripted videos on his Facebook page. They can be seen here, hereand here. In the description of a few of his videos, it is mentioned that these videos are created for entertainment purposes only.

Previously, when similar scripted videos were shared as actual visuals of the incident on social media, FACTLY published fact-checking articles debunking these claims. You can see them here, here and here.

To sum up, a scripted video is being shared as a real-life incident of a Muslim man and a Hindu priest jointly rearranging an upside-down tricolor national flag.