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YOUR SAY | “The seeds of racism sown in Parliament are growing everywhere.”

Bersatu leader quits after using racial slurs against national commuter

Bersatu man apologizes for racial insult, deputy minister asks for forgiveness

Vijay47: Surprise borders on shock. That a Malaysian politician in fact admits to making a racist statement and then apologizes for it.

The apology from Pasir Puteh Bersatu, Vice Chief Borhanudin Che Rahim, is an unheard of act in Malaysia and I admire him for it. He did not qualify his regret and he made no apologies for it.

However, the fact remains that the word used is well and truly offensive to the national commuter Kisona Selvaduray in particular and the Indian community in general.

I totally agree with the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Ti Lian Ker that the politician’s apology is accepted and his offense forgiven – after appropriate action has been taken.

Many denunciations have been filed against the leader Bersatu and I am surprised that the police, generally much more vigilant and ready to react immediately, have not yet arrested and dragged him into custody where unknown consequences await them.

I hope the police and the attorney general’s office don’t come out with the usual:

“We note that an apology has been issued. And according to the new national policy that crimes can be ignored when the stolen money has been returned, even partially, the case can be considered closed. The public is cautioned not to speculate on the matter. “

For your part, Ti Lian Ker of the MCA, I hope you are just as tolerant when your Chinese community is insulted by your political masters.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Why is the MCA suddenly so forgiving and kind? Are you trying to earn brownie points? At most, you can only speak on behalf of your party, not all Malaysians.

Borhanudin is a politician from a ruling party. What does the name Bersatu – divide and conquer based on racism mean?

And who does Borhanudin choose as the target of his racial insult? A sportswoman in the making who sacrifices herself for the good name of the country on an international scale. And he only sees race in her.

He took away any minimum respect Malaysia had for the international community.

The only thing we can thank him for is the confirmation of widespread racism and bigotry in the country. Even sport, a unifying company that brings the best of human beings, is not spared.

Ti Lian Ker, we can only accept such appeals from you if, at the same time, you have assured that such racism will not happen again. Could you get us that assurance? Reflect this in your 100-day dashboard, or quit.

PW Cheng: This is the problem with some MCA politicians wanting to be benevolent, but at the wrong time and at the wrong time.

Kindness is certainly a good trait. In this case, however, it sends the wrong message to the perpetrator that an apology will absolve his racist remarks, which are becoming more and more common by the day.

Seeds of racism sown in Parliament are now growing everywhere, especially towards non-Malays.

Before things get out of hand, the racist needs to be rightly scolded to show we’re serious about tackling racism, but what does the MCA man do?

He believes that by trying to be kind to this racist he can reap political benefits because he knows who he will be working with in the next general election.

Would the Deputy Minister dare to say the same thing if the racial slurs emanate from non-Malays towards Malays?

Mazilamani: When a politician speaks, he is publicly broadcasting his party’s intention, good or bad. While his private opinions shouldn’t go beyond his private life, this man has shared his true inner feelings on social media.

He was divisive in his true sense and he deserves no human forgiveness. May he seek it from his Creator. The mistake also comes from his party for enlisting such stupid members and appointing them to leadership positions.

I hope Kisona is a strong and determined girl. Surely she would be, otherwise she will not wear the national flag or the national jersey, the pride of the Malaysians, chosen to represent the nation.

But Borhanudin should not be allowed to go free without being accountable to the law. The same should apply to any racial fanaticism that belittles another race or religion.

Lepak: Until individuals like this loathsome man from Bersatu are removed from their positions of power, how are we going to be a modern and enlightened society?

It is a shame that after more than 60 years of independence, these village bullies continue to thrive and prosper. Why not? They feel protected.

Calling people derogatory racist names – indeed, how are we going to become a developed society?

Violet macaw4829: Yes, there should be more than excuses. There should be consequences for him not to do any kind of racist slurs in the future.

That may be a lot to ask, given the current political climate. But no, we should never tolerate such behavior.

And Borhanudin should consider funding and supporting Kisona because he’s done some damage. Athletes always have our support and encouragement.

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