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Singles have become “more picky” about their potential partners in the wake of the pandemic, claimed a dating expert – insisting that they are now even more concerned about “pink flags” which could lead to ” red flag scenarios ”.

These pink flags include watching too much TV, which could show you’re running out of things to talk about, according to Tina Wilson, UK relationship expert and founder of Wingman.

Meanwhile, she suggests never taking social media photos together, which means your partner doesn’t want anyone to know about you.

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, Tina said The “less obvious” warning signs that your relationship might not work out in the long run are now no longer easy to ignore.

She added: “With so many couples breaking up during the first lockdown and realizing that they don’t even love each other, it has highlighted the fact that we really have to choose wisely who we spend our time with.

“Daters are smarter than ever and less tolerant or willing to compromise than before the pandemic, so the hyper-vigilance around who you might partner with is at an all time high.

“This is why ‘pink flags‘ have become a new term, because singles don’t want to waste time finding their match. “

But what are the new pink flags to watch out for and when does it become a red flag? Here, Tina reveals when the date should “act quickly to protect herself from wasted time and possible heartache” …

Pink flags include watching too much TV, which could show you’re running out of things to talk about, according to Tina Wilson, UK relationship expert and founder of Wingman. (archive photo)

What are the “pink flags”?

The pink flags serve as a warning to the bigger and more dangerous red flags that your relationship will not work or that you are not compatible.

When done individually they are usually never a problem, but when a few signs do appear singletons are aware and will not ignore that they could fall into a red flag scenario and something that could be avoided, says Tina.


Either you don’t take any pictures together, or you are the only one taking pictures of the two of you.

Pink flag: “Your new love interest might not be taking pictures, but check their social networks online – do they post regularly and what? Are they hiding your existence from their supporters? “

Red flag: “Their Instagram feed is inundated with photos, but you’re nowhere or worse yet, they’re documenting your date but no reference from you has been seen. Clearly they don’t want people to know about you… go fast, ”Tina insisted.


The “discordant cookie” occurs when you are not their only option and they have not yet decided if you are “the only one”.

Pink flag: “Things are going well but you haven’t had the ‘talk’ to define your relationship yet and you are wondering why and when it will happen. Something is preventing you from talking about it.

Red flag: “You find out that you are not exclusive and that they are talking or seeing other people behind your back. You are basically one of the ‘cookies’ that they keep as an option when things are not working with others. Know your self-esteem and don’t be an extra, ”says Tina.


The term “coming on strong” has nothing to do with a love bomber. Your new love will be obsessively focused on you and make you feel like a king / queen with their passionate attention.

Pink flag: “Does your new partner shower you with flowers, words of love, endless gifts and lavish travel – is it really romantic but a little too fast?” “

Red flag: “After the bombardment of love, they suddenly fall silent for a while before reappearing with love and gifts. Similar to ghosting, but the main difference is the behavior during those weeks or months that you have dated.

“There’s nothing to stop you from being bombarded with love, but noticing obsessive behaviors early on could make you step back to be a little more careful and see true intentions shine through,” says Tina.


They keep you in their pocket until they are sure they see a serious relationship with you.

Pink flag: “You’ve been dating for a few months but your new partner hasn’t introduced you to their friends and family yet, this could be a sign that you’re ‘poached’.

Red flag: “If you’ve taken the first step and you’ve already introduced them to your friends and family but they haven’t yet introduced you to theirs, you may be at two different stages emotionally.

“Don’t rush them if they’re not there yet, but it could be a sign that they’re not sure of you. Do you want to waste your time with someone who is not sure? ‘ Tina asked.

Meanwhile, Tina suggests never taking social media photos together, which means your partner doesn’t want anyone to know about you (stock photo)


When your communication slowly starts to decline, it apparently means your relationship is in a “slow fade.”

Pink flag: “Have calls, texts, and meeting plans become less frequent? This could be a sign that your relationship is slowly fading away and potentially entering the phantom phase, where one of you will stop responding altogether.

Red flag: “If you find that you are the one making the effort to see each other and organize plans for both of you, it is a sign that you need to step back.

“If you’re someone who needs to shut down, look for the signs before the communication completely stops and be ready to move on,” says Tina.


It may seem absolutely romantic to snuggle up in front of the TV with a glass of wine, but watch out for the warning signs.

Pink flag: “You overdo it on Netflix’s binge eating. Watching your new favorite series together can be fun, but cramming into another and another means you don’t engage or show interest in each other.

Red flag: “When you go out on a date but your conversation revolves around TV or you find that there isn’t a lot of conversation. You’re headed for relationship disaster, ”Tina warned.