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In one of the first City of Greater Sudbury events since the pandemic restriction was lifted, Deputy Mayor Joscelyne Landry-Altman proclaimed April Organ Donation Awareness Month and fabrics and raised the “Be a Donor” flag at Tom Davies Square on Wednesday morning.

“It is very important to highlight the fact that there are 1,700 Ontarians on a waiting list for organ donation, the importance of organ donation and how it can save a life,” Landry said. -Altmann.

“So the next time you pick up your healthcare card, look on the back and make sure you’ve clicked on ‘I’m an organ donor’.”

Members of the Irish Heritage Club, long-time supporters of organ and tissue donation, were present.

“So something like today demonstrates the need and importance of organ and tissue donation in Northern Ontario, across the province and, indeed, across the country,” said the President of the Irish Heritage Club, Maryann Horan.

“There are people who need organ and tissue donations to stay alive and improve their quality of life.”

In an effort to increase the number of organ donors in Ontario, Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas introduced a private member’s bill to use presumed consent, which means individuals would have to opt out. if they do not want their organs or tissues to be donated after donation. mortem rather than the persons having to register.

In a sixth attempt to change the law, Gélinas last month filed the “Peter Kormos Memorial Act.”

The bill is named after Welland MPP Peter Kormos, an organ donation advocate who died March 30, 2013.

Similar legislation has already been passed in Nova Scotia.

According to Gélinas’ office, Nova Scotia saw a 40% increase in tissue donations after its law was passed in January 2021.