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The January 6 House committee hearings and several recent Supreme Court rulings tore down the American flag that the MAGA nation has wrapped itself in, to expose its undemocratic reality: a resurgent culture of intimidation dominated by extremists in predominantly white, patriarchal and religiously conservative.

As early as the January 6 hearings, we learned that the former president and his entourage have allied themselves with white nationalists, like The Proud Boys and the Oathkeepers among others, to obstruct justice and interfere with the peaceful transition of power, c i.e. an attempted coup d’etat. .

And according to recent Supreme Court rulings, we have seen ultra-conservative and activist judges stripping women of 14e Changing equal rights protections; subordinate the clause establishing the separation of church and state in the First Amendment; and issue a free license to gun owners to carry guns in public.

When conservative Republicans blocked Merrick Garland’s legitimate Supreme Court nomination, it made it easier for Donald Trump to later fill the Supreme Court with politically conservative justices who pretend to guess the original intent of the framers of the Constitution and try to superimpose an 18 year old exceeded.e Centenary perspective on our 21st World of the century. In effect, they select and twist the language of the Constitution to impose their personal, political and religious views on a nation.

To that end, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito justifies the reversal Roe vs. Wade because “the Constitution makes no reference to abortion” and because such a right is not “deeply rooted in the history and traditions of the Nation”. The rationale, however, seems arbitrary because Alito knows that the framers of the Constitution also did not intend the word “persons” to apply to women, blacks, Native Americans, and people without property. In other words, the “original” intentions and language of the editors contained gender, racist and elitist biases.

Indeed, the drafters themselves had glimpsed the limits of their foresight when they drafted Article 5 of the Constitution which allows constitutional amendments, such as the 14e Amendment which, according to a previous Supreme Court decision, recognized the protection of equal rights for women.

Nevertheless, according to Justice Alito’s legal philosophy, it is perfectly legal to roll back a century and a half of established laws and legal precedents that protected women’s equality and privacy. So, in this case, the only thing that the majority of the court considers to be “deeply rooted in the history and tradition of the nation” is to treat women as second-class citizens.

And Judge Alito’s reasoning seems both incoherent and ingenuous when he claims 14e The amendment protections do not apply in the case of abortion because it destroys “potential life”. To use Alito’s argument against the right to abortion, “the Constitution makes no reference” to the rights of “potential life”. Why the double standard?

And if Judge Alito intends to criminalize any act that threatens to destroy that “potential life,” that will mean prosecuting pregnant women who smoke, drink, use drugs, etc. for child abuse or attempted murder. Besides, if someone smokes near the mother, that person should be criminally charged with threatening a “potential life.” Indeed, industries that pollute the air and land would be criminally responsible for threatening the “potential life” of all unborn children.

Yet we do not extend these protections even to those already born. The majority of the Court absurdly granted legal protections to a fetus that it denies not only to the woman carrying the fetus, but to all Americans born.

It seems that rather than basing his opinions on the language and intent of the writers, or on what is “deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions”, he is more reasonable and likely to conclude that a group of ultra-conservative Christian judges overturned a 50 year-old legal precedent based on their personal, political and religious beliefs.

Consider that the same majority of the court ruled that Maine taxpayers should fund a religious school; and that a Washington coach may lead a prayer with students in the public at a public school event on school grounds (Kennedy vs. Bremerton) despite the First Amendment stating that “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of any religion”. As Judge Sonia Sotomayor said in her dissent, the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause serves to stop the government from ‘beginning'[ing] us on the way to the past.

It was undoubtedly referring to historic religious persecution by one religion dominating other faiths. Indeed, our constitutional framers originally and intentionally established our national faith in reason, not organized religion. By overturning Roe vs. Wadethe Court has essentially targeted those seeking abortions in a modern witch hunt currently taking place across state lines.

Consider also that the current majority of the courts claim to base their decisions on the text of the Constitution, but ignore the entire first sentence of the Second Amendment (“a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, must not be violated”) when he struck down a century-old New York law prohibiting people from bearing arms in public. Or perhaps the court considers that a conglomeration of unorganized, unaffiliated individuals with no required training, armed with everything from handguns to AR15 rifles, is comparable to a “well-regulated militia”.

Moreover, as Justice Breyer writes in his dissent, the decision to allow guns to be carried in public entirely ignores the reality that our society averages more than one mass shooting per day. So while the majority of the courts can claim to base their decisions on the letter of the law, in the wake of today’s many mass killings, they are being irresponsible and indifferent to its spirit and reality by ignoring safety public.

Finally, we learned from the January 6 Committee that MAGA World continues to attack and threaten those who attempt to defend the Constitution, the integrity of national institutions and the ideals of the nation. Republican officials and state election officials who refused to both participate in the January 6 political coup attempt and accept Trump’s ‘big lie’ have been threatened with violence to their lives , their homes and families. In this way, too, we have returned to the days of the witch hunts as MAGA Nation attempts to scapegoat all those who pursue our nation’s original goal: to “form a more perfect union” with equality and justice. for everyone.

The truth is that the MAGA political movement wrapped itself in the American flag only to violate America’s original principles. And the conservative majority on the Supreme Court has become a servant, not of those original principles, but of MAGA. The reality of MAGA is a tyranny dressed in democratic clothes.

Thomas Cangelosi of Avon is a retired teacher.