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What the Juneteenth Flag Means and Represents

The United States had a history of slavery, but with the change of power people were liberated and that should be celebrated.

If you own a business and want to show your support for a great community, you should wave the June 19 flag.

Keep reading to learn more about the meaning of the Juneteenth flag so you understand why it has to fly!

The shard is in the center of the flag, it is a star with a jagged outline.

This jagged line can be seen as a nova or a burst cloud. It is meant to represent a fresh start for African Americans in every state. Learning more about the meaning of the June 19 flag can help bring this explosion to life.

Years passed after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed and some slaves began to lose hope. Ben Haith used this burst to show how excited and overwhelmed these people were. They were ready to be free and were overflowing with seams.

Freedom was inevitable, and people can see it with the star of freedom breaking through the barrier.

If you’ve noticed the date on some versions of the Juneteenth flag, you should know what they mean.

The historical date included on these flags is June 19, 1865. This is the date that Union troops marched to Galveston Bay, Texas and freed hundreds of thousands of slaves. Although it took time to adapt and there were technically still slaves around, it was a step in the right direction.

An Executive Order helped these people and marked the history of America. It’s another important day to celebrate.

Since the original indicator does not include the historical date, you might have trouble finding it. You can buy Juneteenth flags with the date included on the right side. This display can help to learn more about the holidays.

On the subject of important dates, also know that June 19 did not become a federal holiday until June 17, 2021.

Does the star remind you of a particular US state flag?

If you’re thinking Texas, you’ve come to the right place. The star in the Juneteenth flag is used to represent Texas since that is where the Union came from. It was stated that the slaves would be free in the future, but some of the slavers hid information.

People moved to the Lone Star State feeling like it was a haven from slavery and abuse. Once the Galveston news broke, African Americans started celebrating.

Another perspective on what this feature symbolizes is new freedom and people with a new star. Music, barbecues and prayer services were used to transfer joy and hope from the star to reality. Texas has become the premier place to organize and celebrate Jubilee Day and Juneteenth!

The star is a necessary symbol on this flag as it shows the union between African Americans and the state of Texas. It also helps people discover the rich and long history between the two.

Ben Haith made such a statement with his designs, that they became the symbol of Juneteenth.

In 1997, Ben created the first version of the Juneteenth flag, with the help of Lisa Graf. It has since been amended in 2000 and 2007. It was not until 2007 that the flags included the original date marking June 19.

Haith’s flag design is the most popular, and many companies fly it alongside their American flag all June.

The Juneteenth flag is quite patriotic and consists of only three colors.

Red, white, and blue are used in this flag, which emphasizes the importance of freedom in the United States. Many people have the mistaken impression that the flag is red, black and green, but this is incorrect.

Another type of Juneteenth flag that you come across may be in different colors. Although the original flag is red, white and blue, you can also find red, black and green versions. Red is meant to represent blood, green to represent soil, and black for prosperity.

If you want to fly the right flag, make sure yours is red, white and blue. These are the colors of the American way of life with freedom and justice.

If you look at the Juneteenth flag, you will notice that the flag is split laterally.

The line that differentiates the two sides is meant to represent hope. Hope was all people had when slavery was still important. The arc acts as a horizon on the flag that African Americans have been looking forward to. It is similar to a silver liner, however, there is no set color separating red and blue.

Depending on the style of flag you get, some of the arches are straight or less arched. Make sure that when you go to hang your flag, the blue runs along the top with the red below.

It can be hard to see the arch when the flag is flying in the wind, but up close it’s a nice detail.

Do you understand the meaning of the Juneteenth flag?

Learning more about the meaning of the Juneteenth flag can help you connect with employees and the community.

Raising awareness at an important party is important if you want more people to learn. When community members see you hanging a Juneteenth flag, they will see your business as an ally. Don’t be afraid to let this flag flutter in the breeze, especially if you want people to feel welcome and safe in your business.

Flags are a wonderful and simple way to show your support and make a statement without having to say anything.

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