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Council MK

The Progress Pride flag has been hoisted outside Milton Keynes town offices to mark Pride Month and show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Throughout June, people around the world celebrate Pride Month by coming together to show how far LGBTQ+ rights have come, it celebrates acceptance, equality, education, history and raises awareness of the work that remains to be done.

Milton Keynes Council has hoisted the Progress Pride flag outside the municipal offices in central Milton Keynes to mark the occasion.

A spokesperson for the MK Council wrote: “This #PrideMonththe Progressive Alliance-led MK council waves the flag of progress in front of civic offices. We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters”

The Progress Pride flag, visible outside municipal offices, was developed in 2018 by non-binary American artist and designer Daniel Quasar.

The flag incorporates the iconic rainbow flag with black, brown, pink, pale blue and white stripes, representing people of color, the trans community and people living with HIV/AIDS.