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Assembly Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah said on Sunday that the Sindhoor and hijab should not be forcibly banned as they are part of the belief and culture, which would not bother anyone.

“Following an ancient culture and belief creates no problem for anyone. While people wore hijab for a long time, people did not wear saffron shawl. It shows the narrow mentality of people who wear a saffron shawl just to oppose the hijab,” he told reporters here. He said that the saffron shawl should not be used in an uncivilized way for inhumane causes.

The former chief minister said if BJP members had fought for freedom of movement while holding the tricolor flag, they would have known the value of the national flag and the national emblem. “We asked the question who is important – whether it is the national flag or Minister KS Eshwarappa. The BJP is adamant in stating that the minister was important. Insulting the national flag or national emblem is anti-national and a violation of the law,” he added.

Stating that the insult to the national flag is a serious issue, he said that thousands of people sacrificed their lives for independence and the BJP cannot understand these sacrifices. “If the BJP asks us to drop the insult to the flag, we are not ready to accept it. We will fight both inside and outside the legislature,” he said.