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Tyler Perry laments the “frightening” political climate, saying too many Americans are jumping on the partisan bandwagon because they are concerned about where the country is heading.

“The truth is, a lot of people around the country are worried about where we’re going,” the “Madea Family Funeral” star and director told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on Monday.

“What we’re seeing, on so many levels, it’s scary,” Perry said.

“I think of all the vitriol, all the hate. Everyone takes a corner, a color and a flag, and no one wants to come in the middle to solve the problems. It’s just a very dangerous place,” a- he added.

The comments from the 52-year-old movie mogul – who runs his eponymous production studio in Georgia – come just months after making headlines during a speech at this year’s Oscars.

At the April ceremony, Perry urged the country to reject the hate and “stand in the middle, because that’s where the healing happens.”

In his interview this week, he called the treatment of unvaccinated production teams the scariest battle for his industry.

“The scariest part now are the people who are not vaccinated. They have to get tested every day, and it’s almost 50% of my crew who are not vaccinated,” he said.

While Tyler Perry Studios has a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, he said, individual productions do not.

“It’s shocking to me,” said Perry, “the level of misinformation that people will lean towards rather than lean towards people who are educated on all of this.”