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Ukrainian armed forces recaptured the village of Vysokopillia from Russia over the weekend, later raising the national flag in honor of its recent successes in the Kherson counteroffensive.

The Ukrainian leader of Kherson Oblast revealed through Telegram Sunday that the city was officially under the control of Kyiv. He then provided information on the state of Vysokopillia after the arrival of Ukrainian forces.

“The occupation authorities put pressure on educators who refused to work under the Russian program. In this way they are trying to induce them to cooperate and compensate for the lack of personnel,” wrote the head of Kherson, Yuriy Sobolevskyi.

“In addition, there are reports of threats against relatives of heads of educational institutions who left and conducted training in online format from the territory controlled by Ukraine,” he said. added.

Later, local journalists shared images of the Ukrainian flag being waved over Vysokopillia. Experts quickly took to Twitter to explain the meaning of the unifying symbol displayed once again.

“The flag is on the roof of a hospital in Vysokopillya, Kherson Oblast,” said foreign policy writer Samuel Ramani. declared. “Russia is cracking down on any manifestation of Ukrainian nationalism inside Kherson and is said to have raised a Soviet victory flag in Kherson after it was occupied.”

The recapture of Vysokopillia continues a string of victories for Ukraine in its southernmost region of Kherson above the Russian-annexed Crimean Peninsula, according to The Guardian.

Due to Ukraine’s victories, Russia decided to suspend a planned referendum on whether the country should formally annex the Kherson region, in the same way it consolidated Crimea.

The head of the Kremlin of his Kherson government, Kirill Stremousov, confirmed this to Russian state news agency TASS following the recent attacks on the Antonivskiy Bridge in Kherson.

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