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It should come as no surprise that public theater A publicly disseminated topic is not a matter of frent to the nation. Something, by the way, is one of the contributions 4 T In the public life of our country and in the past, it was hidden because it contains a series of The mediators who deciphered the codes of political content So that national public opinion knows them.

The scientific subjects They appear in the world of eschatological subjects accessible only to beginners in their content, who in general, in the case we are quoting now, are scholars. And they weren’t General issues because it has been formed since the second half of the last century What has been euphemistically called the “scientific community”, a term that comes from the experience of North American sociologists.

He says soothing Because this term is actually a bit misleading as it gives the impression that this is a group of people whose sole and ideal purpose is simply to create scientific knowledge, whether abstract or empirical. In real life, such a “society” is nothing more than a representation of an abstract ideal. The scientific community cannot be stripped of its context and where you practice your practices.

In the past, these practices that predate current science have always been directly linked to the groups in power. How to forget the importance engineering or mathematics For this warlike people that were the Greeks who asked them to measure and appreciate their conquests. Or the perfect telescope that was implemented Galileo In favor of Mediterranean sailors in Italian cities.

Scientists The classics were neither more nor less than representatives of the Renaissance elites and classical modernism. Coming from wealthy families, almost all of them devote themselves to discovery according to the interests of their class. They belong. Or the same English scholars associated with the imperial political class who, as with Newton and baconThey were men in the service of imperial interests.

For that english company It was necessary to put an end to the ideas that paradise is like the place inhabited by the Creator who determined all that lived on earth, because it was an obstacle to imperial interests because, then, the knowledge to navigate and conquer the continent on d ‘other continents was something like “Dilemmas” No one should dare to develop it as earthly practices.

and here19th century With the beginning of the popularization of university education, dictated by the gravity of the French Revolution and the imperial society’s need for qualified labor, science acquires a particular nuance. state eShe has established herself as a main actress, a promoter of social sciences oriented towards human knowledge. Already in this same space, Sloterdijk’s critique of humanity on the basis of apostolic knowledge has been revealed.

The consequences of it French Revolution It led the state to enter the struggle for control of science and universities spread around the world. It was the end of the classical scholars who practiced the sciences themselves and were educated in universities controlled by the Catholic Church, which also came to an end although some adapted to the new conditions.

TheScientist The capitals created a whole narrative of new scientific paradigms in order to colonize the thinking of those who participated in this new scenario of science, but who lived in the oceanic nations. They were made to believe they were part of some sort Private “class” (“scientific community”) is taken from the world and supposedly dedicated to the creation of pure abstract or chemically applied knowledge.

In fact, there are no academic societies but a scientific domain Where is the dispute over the direction of science. Right now, in Mexico Science was characterized by neoliberal policies. These are the companies that implement their practices in one way or another and are included in the scenario of the social division of labor where their products may be tilted in favor of people or in conflict with them.

The Mexican flag is one-sided (PRI) in the state. of the government Carlos Salinas de Gortari Even governments Fox and Calderon Science and technology has been gradually handed over to the corporate sector, supported by a system of rewards that is already generating multiple violations Hugo Abbots, In La Jornada (29-25-21) for those who have been favored and who are now indicted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Before charges are laid against 31 members of civil society Council, Scientific and Technological Forum (FCCyT), in 2020, Science and Technology Law in Mexico Already with the fourth transformative government where he tried to change the old paradigm that maintained a science imbued with a vision of a dominant business and emptied of society, through one that brings people back to their interests.

The best thing is that Scientists accused by the prosecution They come out of these accusations as freely as possible to prove their innocence, which seems complicated to me by the values ​​he instilled neoliberalism Among its promoters who believed that corruption would not end. Historically and throughout history, the relationship between scientists and governments (including the odious Nazi regime), this is an inevitable constant.

Scientific practices are practices that take place in a particular context and exceptional people develop surprising behaviors. Even after the fall of Hitler’s regime, like the philosophers Martin Heidegger and Arnold Gillen Continue to pay their contributions to National Socialist Party, Academics whose influence on universities is currently undeniable.

Now what happens in Mexico, regardless of the accusations from the attorney general’s office he heads? Gertz Maniro against him FCcyT, is very clear: the meaning of science will be determined by those who ruled in the past or before 4 T, it’s simple.