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Unredeemed Ribfest Ticket Policy | Giant Folding Flag | Little League Championship | Naperville NCTV17Unredeemed Ribfest Ticket Policy | Giant Folding Flag | Little League Championship | Naperville NCTV17

Unredeemed Ribfest Ticket Policy

The Naperville Exchange Club says it will allow owners of unused Ribfest tickets to use the value of those tickets for any performance at next year’s festival. This year Ribfest had last minute cancellations and schedule changes. Customers were given the option to use any unredeemed Friday night tickets for any evening performance at the festival. They also had the opportunity to donate the cost of those tickets to the Exchange Club’s mission to fight child abuse and domestic violence. This third option has now been opened up after many have asked for refunds, which Ribfest does not allow. Those with unredeemed tickets who wish to make a claim to use tickets for next year’s festival should fill out a form on the Ribfest website before July 1st.

Giant Flag Folding Ceremony

Yesterday, a flag folding ceremony was held for the giant American flag that had hung on the side of the Naperville Civic Center for 10 years. The flag was recently removed and replaced with a new one. Members of Judd Kendall VFW Ext. 3873 and American Legion Post 43 along with other volunteers came to Naperville VFW Hall to give it a head start with the official folding. The flag is owned by Marty Walker, who said a custom case is in the works, with plans to display it at VFW next.

Fine Arts and Crafts Fair

This weekend the Naperville Women’s Club hosted its Fine Art & Artisan Fair, a tradition that has existed since 1959. More than 100 artists participated in the free event held at Naper Settlement. There was also a silent auction, children’s activity tent, community mural, and food and drink. This year the Naperville Woman’s Club turns 125e anniversary.

Little League Championship

Saturday’s rain pushed five of seven Naperville Little League league games to Sunday morning, where the last games of the season were played under sunny skies. Highlights from the Rookies AA, Supreme A and AA, Majors A and AA, and Juniors A and AA Championship games will all be available on the NCTV17 website at 8 p.m. tonight. You can catch the full Naperville Little League Championship show with all the winners premiering Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on our channel and on our website.


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