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Military police are investigating the raising of a Confederate flag at a US Army base in Germany earlier this week, according to a spokesperson for the service.

An “unknown individual” flew the US and German national flags from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment’s headquarters building at Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany between Sunday evening and Monday morning, the unit spokesman said. , Major John Ambelang. said at several points of sale in a report.

“In addition, the Confederate battle flag was also hoisted on a flag pole outside the regiment’s headquarters,” Ambelang said, according to Army Time.

The flag was “immediately” removed during the discovery Monday morning and the base camera images are being reviewed.

“The regiment takes this misconduct very seriously,” he said. “If the culprit is identified, the command will take appropriate action after considering all the facts surrounding the incident.”

The incident at the detachment of about 5,000 comes more than a year after the Pentagon effectively banned the Confederate flag as part of a general policy to prevent the public display of division symbols on bases military.

Then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper implemented the Flag Policy in July 2020, which also banned other flags, including those of sports teams and the pride flag.

Following a review, Pentagon officials under the Biden administration decided in June to keep the policy in place.

After the discovery at Rose Barracks, regimental commanders communicated the gravity of the situation to the soldiers during the morning training, Ambelang noted.

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