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The Sylvan Lake Memorial Flag Tribute Site was the scene of havoc after the 9/11 ceremony, leaving three flags and two plaques stripped and stolen.

Veterans Voices of Canada and the Flags of Remembrance founder Al Cameron shared in a September 17 video posted to Facebook: “Our security … not only is three flags missing, but two plates are missing, and those flags are missing. , they are in fact tied and taped. So there is no way these can come off. These flags have strings, and every one of these flags that’s gone, they’ve been cut. “

He added: “The actual ropes were cut from the flags. So they didn’t fall, someone went beyond cutting the flags off the poles.

Bursting with anger, frustration and grief, Cameron said he was disappointed to say the least.

“Because of what it represents, it is in fact disrespectful to those to whom these flags of remembrance are an honored tribute. It’s frustrating at the same time, because myself, all of my volunteers and the community appreciate it. We also devote a lot of time, energy and effort to making these events happen. So when they’re so disrespectful in that way, it’s very frustrating, it’s infuriating, and it’s theft in the end, and it’s the desecration of a veterans remembrance tour and our first responders. I see this every year at certain levels on all my sites, ”he added.

“We are simply asking the community to be vigilant. If you see something abnormal happening, simply contact the RCMP or the police. But other than that, we just want everyone to visit the site, enjoy it, read those names, respect it, don’t tamper with it and swing the flags, ”Cameron said, adding,“ Whoever does that, guys, stretch your legs! That’s all I can say.”

Another set of 128 flags was installed at the original Sylvan Lake tribute site on September 18 on Highway 11 / Range Road 12 (N). Cameron said the display also includes the Indigenous national flag, the flag commemorating the fallen in action in Afghanistan, the provincial flag of Alberta and a sponsorship flag representing local support.

“This is basically the area where we launched Flags of Remembrance in 2014. It’s a very visible area and people miss it if we don’t put it there. So we’ve been asked to keep putting it on the highway and that’s what we’ll continue to do, ”Cameron said. “We used to put plaques of honor on highway flags, but because it was very dangerous, people would stop in the middle of the highway, on the side of the highway, that is. is a very busy area and there are high speeds on the Highway, so we wanted to take these plates and put them at the water’s edge, so people could walk the flag line, stop and visit these flag lines and read those names safely, ”he added.

Cameron asks those interested to contact him to sponsor a plaque of honor, at [email protected] He said this fundraiser not only supports Veterans Voices of Canada, but also two local veterans. Cameron hopes to see all of the plaques of honor (approximately 50) sponsored in time for Remembrance Day.

Veterans Voices of Canada Memorial Flag Tribute sites include Sylvan Lake, Lacombe, Windsor (ON), Dunnville (ON), Philipsburg (QC) and Sydney (NS).

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Three flags are missing from the Sylvan Lake Memorial Flag Tribute Site. (Photo provided by Al Cameron)